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Top 5 FPGAs Manufacturers in the World

FPGAMay it be modern designs or complex prototyping, FPGAs (field-programmable gate array) has gained a new dynamics in the market.  Leading semiconductor companies use FPGAs for prototyping of new chips. FPGAs are also gaining more and more importance in the enterprise business. FPGAs are always supported by development software. In advance technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), FPGAs are becoming the right cake-knife. Below, We have enlisted Top 5 FPGAs Manufacturers which are ruling the industry;


If just not chips, Intel Corporation is a leading player in delivering world-class FPGAs. The reason, Intel has made its space in this TOP 5 FPGA manufacturer space. Intel FPGAs are known to offer a wide variety of configurable embedded SRAM, high-speed transceivers, high-speed I/Os, logic blocks, and routing. Intel with Altera offers SoC FPGA family.

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Known for developing highly-flexible and adaptive processing platforms, Xilinx is also said to be inventor of the FPGA. Enabling rapid innovation added intelligent computing, Xilinx offers highly flexible programmable silicon. Xilinx also has suite of advanced software and tools catering a wide span of industries and technologies.

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Lattice Semiconductor

Offering fast time to market, flexible options in adaptive environments, Lattice is well known for its expertise in the low-power FPGAs category.  Lattice serves problems of its customers across the network, from the Edge to the Cloud. Touted to be low-cost, Lattice Semiconductor FPGAs has gained huge traction in the worldwide market. iCE is the brand name used for a family of low-power FPGAs produced by Lattice Semiconductor.

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Microchip Technology

Microchip Technology comes under top 5 FPGAs Manufacturers because of its power, system size, cost and security challenges across all kinds of applications. Microchip offers a broad catalog for the FPGA with feature suiting individual designs. If your primary need is high speed, high security or high volumes, it has an FPGA for your logic integration needs.

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Gowin Semiconductor

Gowin Semiconductor has a vision to accelerate customer innovation worldwide with its famous FPGAs.  Their focus is on optimizing its products and removing barriers for customers using programmable logic devices. Gowin offers a broad portfolio of programmable logic devices, design software, intellectual property (IP) cores, reference designs, and development kits.

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