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Top 5 Green Tech Start-ups in India

Intro During this critical time of self-awareness, when most of the countries have understood the significance of reducing carbon footprint and the need for accepting sustainable and environmental friendly technology, it seems few of the countries are already doing their share.

In the past few years, India has shown itself as the promoter of this new environment with the government’s latest policies encouraging a green field for start-ups to grow and emerge at a global level. And because of these initiatives whether by government or by private companies, many start-ups in India have started showing their potential bringing a new age of entrepreneurship.

Despite this sudden growth of start-ups, what separates the emergence of start-ups in this Digital India is the fact that many of the rising start-ups in India are coming up with innovative ideas of environment-friendly and green technologies.

To achieve sustainable technologies in India, we summarized the Top 5 Green Tech Start-ups in India.

To get a clearer basis of these innovative and environment-friendly tech start-ups, let’s talk about the Top 5 Green Tech Start-ups in India.

Top 5 Green Tech Start-ups in India

Waste Ventures India

fig 2Giving a new light to the emerging market of green technologies and coming as one of the Top 5 Green Tech Start-ups in India, Waste Ventures India is a Telangana-based start-up aimed to provide waste solutions for housing societies and corporate offices. The company works on composting organic waste and recycling dry waste by giving solutions on solid waste management.

Founded in 2012 by Roshan Miranda and Rob Whiting, this enterprise is changing winds with its green solutions in managing solid wastes. The company’s R&D team has successfully created a scientific, fly-less and odorless process to manage organic waste thereby, producing high-quality compost in the process.

Waste Venture India team also helps in spreading more awareness about waste management among residents and employees and helps them learn about composting, recycling and other green initiatives thus, securing its position under Top 5 Green Tech Start-ups in India.

Devic Earth

fig 1With a mission to purify air via innovative technology, environmental tech start-up Devic Earth has made its name in the Top 5 Green Tech Start-ups in India.

Founded in 2018, this Bengaluru-based start-up was founded by cardiologist Srikanth Sola who wanted to reduce air pollution at workplaces through an innovatively built device.

The environment tech start-up has its R&D teams based in India and the US. The inspiration to build this innovative device sprung from Srikanth’s medical profession. Using the concept of ultrasound devices that are generally used in hospitals for checking pulses that will generate the images, the device uses the same principle to identify the pollutant materials.

Devic Earth’s product, Pure Skies, uses wi-fi-enabled technology to handle airborne, gaseous and particle pollutants and targets particulates like PM10 and PM2.5 and nano-sized particles below 1 micron. Thus, securing its place in the Top 5 Green Tech Start-ups in India.


fig 5Making its place as another Top 5 Green Tech Start-ups in India, Beco has emerged as an alternative for the sustainable product manufacturer.

Based in Mumbai, this start-up is a consumer goods company that was founded in 2018. The start-up is the main manufacturer of biodegradable and sustainable alternatives to single use-products like dinner napkins, toilet rolls, facial tissues, tissue rolls and more.

The start-up uses various biodegradable and compostable raw materials like corn starch and bamboo to prepare tissue, straws, toothpicks, cotton balls, among others.


fig 4Securing its place in the Top 5 Green Tech Start-ups in India, ZunRoof is a home-tech start-up that is bringing smart and clean energy choices to homeowners.

The start-up helps in generating electricity through solar energy by making use of unutilized rooftops. This Gurugram based start-up started its operations in 2016 under the leadership of Pranesh Chaudhary and Sushant Sachan.

The company now boasts of achieving over 10,000 solar rooftop installations and 30,000 system designs across India. The five-year-old startup has spread its operations in 75 cities across 12 states and claims to have saved a large number of electricity bills.


fig 3Bringing a new age of integration of IoT in green technologies, OxyGarden introduced its first commercial product, Forest, in January 2020.

This Gurugram-based Green Tech start-up started its operations in 2019 and successfully launched its first product after over two years of prototyping and testing.

Founded by entrepreneur Abhishek Gupta, OxyGarden aimed to achieve the vision of growing soilless gardens inside living rooms. Their product is an IoT-enabled garden used for purifying and humidifying indoor air naturally.

The IoT-enabled garden also helps in removing viruses, bacteria, dust particles, and harmful chemical pollutants such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, etc., in an enclosed space. Therefore, coming under the Top 5 Green Tech Start-ups in India.


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