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Top 5 Joystick Manufacturers in the world

JoystickJoystick is being used as a controller in vehicles. Known as the control column, it works as the principal control device in the cockpit of many civilian and military aircraft, either as a centre stick or side-stick. It often has supplementary switches to control various aspects of the aircraft’s flight. Here, we have enlisted top 5 joystick manufacturers in the world;

Infineon Technologies

The Infineon joystick can be mounted on all 3D magnetic sensor 2GO kits and 3D magnetic sensor Shield2Go. The joystick itself comes with a pre-mounted magnet and can be easily combined with the 2GO Kits and Shield2Go simulate and evaluate three dimensional movements of consumer, industrial or automotive joysticks. And that’s why it comes under the top 5 joystick manufacturers in the world.


Apem’s joysticks are world famous, it has wide range and advance quality.  The XF Series joystick from Apem is a ruggedized finger operated joystick controller specifically engineered for vehicle applications. This new series is designed per the ISO 25197 standard and is rated to withstand 80lbf pull force across the X/Y axis and over 5Nm torque in the Z axis. Although it has huge products lists, but due to best quality of joysticks it earned its name in the top 5 joystick manufacturers in the world.


Grayhill specializes in human interface optical encoders (with optional joysticks and pushbuttons) that provide excellent tactile feedback to the user. The greatest advantage of optical encoders is their non-contact switching technology which results in an exceptionally high operational life.


OTTO has numbers of products and its joysticks have tremendous response from its clients. The HJMG3 is a top mount JHM medium Hall effect joystick with a variety of grip, faceplate, output and gating options. The HJMG3 allows you to easily create a catalog codable joystick with grip.


Adafruit is very well known name among the joystick manufacturers. Its thumbstick is an analog joystick – more accurate and sensitive than just ‘directional’ joysticks – with a ‘press in to select’ button.


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