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Top 5 Memory Controller Companies in the World

memoryWhen we use any electronic equipment, we never thought about internal equipment or product. But, if you seriously take interest and get to know about it, it will automatically attract your attention. Memory controller is one of the equipment which play huge role in computer. It manages the flow of data going to and from the computer’s main memory. A memory controller can be a separate chip or integrated into another chip, such as being placed on the same die or as an integral part of a microprocessor.  To help you know about the leaders of this segment, below we have shortlisted top 5 memory controller companies in the world;

Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress Semiconductor has world class memory controllers and its broader products with embedded systems solutions makes its name in top 5 memory controller companies in the world. Cypress has for years catering into this market and has plans of expansion to the offerings of its Memory Controllers.

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Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated’s memory controllers combine memory, mixed-signal, and secure authentication functions through a single-contact serial interface. Maxim’s NVSRAM devices touts to feature fast reads/writes and the endurance of SRAM with the convenience of nonvolatile multiple memory configurations and package options.

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Microchip Technology

Microchip Technology has wide range of memory controllers and made its name in top 5 memory controller companies in the world. Its SMC 1000 8x25G helps CPUs and other compute-centric SoCs leverage four times the memory channels of parallel attached DDR4 DRAM within the same package footprint, providing higher memory bandwidth and media independence.

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Renesas Electronics

Renesas Electronics’ memory controllers provide robust support system in place to help reduce development costs and reduce the time required for development. It consists of a variety of development tools, including products from other companies, backed by extensive technical documentation, software libraries, and active user communities. As the world’s number one MCU/MPU vendor, Renesas Electronics provides the best and most powerful solutions based on a wide selection of microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs).

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Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments has numbers of memory controllers and the operation of the DDR2 Memory Controller in the TMS320C6452 has a lot of features. It designs, manufacture, test and sell analog and embedded semiconductors that help nearly 100,000 customers around the globe create differentiated applications in markets that include industrial, automotive, personal electronics, communications equipment and enterprise systems.

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