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Top 5 Pressure Sensor Manufacturers in the World

Here, we have enlisted the top 5 pressure sensor manufacturers in the world;

Pressure-SensorFor checking the measurement of gases or liquids a sensor has been used, known as the pressure sensor. A pressure sensor usually acts as a transducer; it generates a signal as a function of the pressure imposed. The pressure sensor has an element that determines the actual pressure applied to the sensor (using different working principles) and some components to convert this information into an output signal. Here, we have enlisted the top 5 pressure sensor manufacturers in the world


Honeywell come first when someone talks about pressure sensor and it has also achieved its name in one of the top 5 pressure sensor manufacturers in the world. Honeywell heavy duty pressure products performing expertly in many potential applications, such as compressors and hydraulic controls, and in industries as diverse as aerospace, medical, transportation, agriculture, refrigeration, and industrial. Their full line of products deliver enhanced performance and reliability, plus: absolute, gage and sealed-gage measurement; a wide array of pressure ranges, port styles, termination types, and outputs; package types from miniature surface mount sensors to high-end stainless steel isolated (for stringent process control); pressure ranges from 3 psi to 8,000 psi; and corrosion resistance.

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NXPOne of the top 5 pressure sensor manufacturers in the world, NXP has a very large pressure sensor portfolio, contains a wide variety of pressure ranges, diverse packaging and porting options.

These MEMS-based pressure sensors provide robust solutions for the appliance, medical, consumer, industrial and automotive markets. New applications for pressure sensors emerge every day as engineers and designers realize that they can convert their expensive mechanical pressure sensors to our lower-cost, semiconductor-based devices. High sensitivity and excellent long-term repeatability make our products suitable for the most demanding, high-performance applications.

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AmphenolThe NovaSensor pressure sensor from Amphenol in its product line includes state-of-the-art, high performance and cost effective sensor solutions known for their accuracy, reliability and size. Amphenol’s MEMS pressure sensing solutions include families of surface mount, hybrid and media-isolated sensors, available in all levels of calibration from uncalibrated to fully-calibrated, amplified analog and digital output versions. The company has made its name in one of the top 5 pressure sensor manufacturers in the world. NovaSensor P330W Absolute Pressure Sensor is a Piezoresistive (PRT) Pressure Die, offering the same superior stability and sensitivity as in larger die, but in an extremely small footprint, making it ideal for invasive applications where small size is critical.

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TE Connectivity

TE-ConnectivityTE Connectivity (TE) designs and manufactures pressure sensors ranging from the sensing element to system packaging for harsh environments. The company is an industry leader for its range of both standard and custom pressure sensors, from board level components to fully amplified and packaged transducers. Based on piezoresistive Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and silicon strain gauge (Microfused, Krystal Bond) technology, their sensors measure everything from less than one inch of water column (<1.25 mbar) to 100K psi (7K bar). The company has its name in top 5 pressure sensor manufacturers in the world.

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BoschBosch Sensortec´s barometric pressure sensors enable a variety of smartphones, wearables and smart home applications. Their very small and low-power barometric pressure sensors stabilize the altitude of drones, enable accurate indoor navigation and improve precise calorie counting in wearables.

The pressure sensors work with the piezo resistive principle or the capacitive principle. The BMP581 is the new benchmark in the field of barometric pressure sensors and is ideally suited for a wide range of altitude tracking applications like GPS modules, wearables, hearables, smart home and industrial products. This sensor is available via our distribution partners.

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