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Top 5 SCR Manufacturers in the World

Silicon-controlled rectifier also known as SCR has huge popularity among the thyristors like TRIAC, SCS, DIAC, etc. In fact, when someone talks about thyristor then they are referring to the SCR. SCR has been made of silicon. It is being used for converting AC current to DC current (rectification). They are also used in other applications such as regulation of power, inversion, etc. The SCRs have the ability to handle high values of current and Voltage hence they are used in most of the industrial applications. Here, we have mentioned the top 5 SCR manufacturers in the world;


STFeaturing immunity to surges and transients in static states and commutations, ST’s silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCR), also known as thyristors, are ideal for single- and three-phase power line networks, even in harsh environments up to 150°C. Thyristors (SCR) belong to its STPOWER family. In addition to AC, DC and capacitive ignitor circuits, these unidirectional switches are found in high-voltage industrial circuits as well as automotive equipment and all other segments where electromechanical relays are not operative or unreliable. The company is among the top 5 SCR manufacturers in the world.

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LittelfuseLittelfuse has huge varieties of SCRs, but its EC103xx/SxSx Series – 0.8 Amp Sensitive SCRs have different features. Littelfuse has earned its name in the top 5 SCR manufacturers in the world. Littelfuse is an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world. Across more than 15 countries, and with 19,000 global associates, they partner with customers to design and deliver innovative, reliable solutions.

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WeEn Semiconductor

WeEn SemiconductorAll WeEn thyristors use glassless Planar Passivation technology, for best high voltage and high temperature ruggedness. They have excellent dynamic characteristics and immunity to false triggering. WeEn offers the original four-quadrant triacs and the much improved three-quadrant (Hi-Com) triacs. More advanced designs, the ACT and ACTT product families, offer overvoltage clamping, resulting in improved immunity to false triggering caused by overvoltage transients. The company has earned its name in the top 5 SCR manufacturers in the world.

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VISHAYVishay offers phase control and fast discrete thyristors with voltage ratings from 4 V to 2600 V. Together with the manufacturers of today’s and tomorrow’s most compelling electronic innovations, names you know, they are enabling next-level automation in factories, the electrification of the automobile, 5G network technology, and the rapid expansion of connectivity across everything (IoT) to highlight a few areas of strong growth. This diversity of opportunity is the reason Vishay has thrived, and why they are driven to be the DNA behind the success of its customers and partners and to be part of making a future that’s safer, sustainable and more productive.

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Central Semiconductor

CENTRALCentral Semiconductor produces a wide range of standard devices, but the company excels in custom, special, and other niche products and services.

The company aims to customers and monitor industry changes, our product design teams are constantly developing new products to meet customers’ ever-changing requirements, as well as industry trends. Central Semiconductor has made its name in the top 5 SCR manufacturers in the world.

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