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Top 5 Varactor Diode Manufacturers in the World

A kind of diode that has varieties of internal capacitance with the reverse voltage is known as a varactor diode. The diode works in reverse bias conditions and is a voltage-dependent semiconductor device. A varactor diode is also known as Varicap, Voltcap, Voltage variable capacitance, or Tunning diode. In this diode, the component depends on its input voltage.  This diode has two terminals- anode and cathode. One end of a symbol consists the diode, and the other end has two parallel lines that represent the conductive plates of the capacitor. The gap between the plates shows their dielectric. Here, we have enlisted the top varactor diode manufacturers in the world;


SkyworksOne of the top varactor diode manufacturers in the world, Skyworks provides best range of varactor diode. Not only that, Skyworks’ diode product offering includes PIN, limiter, Schottky, and varactor diodes for a wide variety of microwave applications including WLAN, infrastructure, handset, Satcom (LNB/DBS-CATV), automotive, military, aerospace and defense, test and measurement, metering, medical and RFID.

The company’s discrete silicon semiconductor products cover frequency ranges including LF, HF, VHF, UHF, L , S, C, X, Ku, K, and Ka bands.

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MACOMMACOM has a numerous series of varactors, which offers diodes offer high Q (up to 4000) permitting excellent tuning performance from VHF through Ka band. Each part in this series exhibits the large change in capacitance versus bias voltage characteristic of hyperabrupt junctions.

The standard capacitance tolerance is ±10%, with tighter tolerances available. All diode types are available in a wide selection of ceramic packages and in chip form. The company has made its name among the top varactor diode manufacturers in the world.

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NXPNXP has a variable capacitance diode, fabricated in planar technology, and encapsulated in the SOD882D (DFN1006D-2) ultra-small leadless SMD plastic package.

As a world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP is pushing boundaries in the automotive, industrial & IoT, mobile, and communication infrastructure markets while delivering solutions that advance a more sustainable future.  NXP is one of the top varactor diode manufacturers in the world.

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ToshibaToshiba offers an extensive portfolio of diodes, including high-speed, low-loss Schottky-barrier diodes (SBDs) and TVS diodes (ESD protection diodes ) for high-speed signal lines.

Fabricated using silicon carbide (SiC), SiC SBDs provide high breakdown voltage that has never been possible with silicon (Si) SBDs. SiC SBDs are ideal for low-loss, high-efficiency power conversion applications such as server power supplies and solar power conditioners. Toshiba is continually working to improve the quality and reliability of its products. Nevertheless, semiconductor devices in general can malfunction or fail due to their inherent electrical sensitivity and vulnerability to physical stress. Toshiba has achieved its name among the top varactor diode manufacturers in the world.

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ASI Semiconductor

ASIASI, AT series of Abrupt PN-Junction Tuning Varactors utilize the lowest resistance & highest Q characteristics of optimized tuning circuit performance. Applications include both narrow and wideband frequency tuning through 12GHz. These devices are designed so the capacitance-voltage relationship closely approximates Square Law (n = 0.5). One of the top varactor diode manufacturers in the world, ASI Semiconductor (ASI) designs, supplies and markets state-of-the-art high power, pulsed RF transistors and pallets. The company serves thousands of customers in dozens of countries, specifically focusing on pulsed RF commercial applications for avionics, radar, medical and industrial applications.

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