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Top 6 Fans & Blowers Manufacturers in the World

FansAlthough blower and fan sounds same, but it has different characteristics and it’s been used in different ways. Their work, function, application and structure are technically different but, primarily, both fans and blowers are used for cooling and air circulation either in indoor areas HVAC systems, or inside industrial machines as well as electronic equipment. Here, we have enlisted top 6 fans & blowers manufacturers in the world;


One of the top fans & blowers manufacturers in the world, ebm‑papst Group has varieties of fans and blowers.With over 20,000 products in its range, ebm‑papst provides the best energy-efficient, intelligent solution for virtually any ventilation or drive technology task. Their latest compact fans may purr like a kitten, but they really roar into action when it comes to cooling. That’s why it got the name of S-Panther.

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Orion Fans

Orion Fans, a division of Knight Electronics has been designing, developing and manufacturing a broad line of AC fans, DC fans, EC fans, fan trays, fan accessories, motorized impellers and blowers to meet the continuing thermal management needs of OEMs worldwide.

OrionFast responses, short lead times and better inventory management programs result in lower inventory carrying costs for its clients. The company has earned its name in one of the top fans & blowers manufacturers in the world.

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NMB Technologies

NMB Technologies Corporation is a MinebeaMitsumi Group company; the world’s largest manufacturer of NMB miniature ball bearings and a volume leader in the design and manufacturing of precision electromechanical and semiconductor components such as small motors, backlights, sensors and wireless technology. NMB is also one of the top fans & blowers manufacturers in the world. They provide advanced technology solutions for the automotive, robotics, medical, consumer technology, industrial, and smart city markets.

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Delta Electronics

One of the top fans & blowers manufacturers in the world, Delta Electronics has gained industry recognition by continuously offering innovative, quality brushless DC air cooling products.

DeltaTheir broad product range covers axial fans from 25mm-200mm, blowers from 30mm-250mm, cross-flow fans, and slim blowers.

A combination of its distinctive patented blade design, innovative structure design, and “Sensflow” control not only greatly increases cooling performance but also reduces system noise with temperature sensor control when the fan is in low load operation.

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SUNON has established its business headquarters in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and set up various branches and offices in Europe, the United States, Japan, India and other places.

SunonThese, together with its more than 100 distributors throughout the world and some 1000 sales & service sites, constitute a large customer service and technical support network that covers five continents of the world.

The company has world class fans & blowers. SUNON is one of the top fans & blowers manufacturers in the world.

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CUI Devices

CUI Devices, one of the top fans & blowers manufacturers in the world offers dc fans and blowers, which offer maximum reliability and superior cooling performance with frame sizes ranging from 25 mm to 120 mm and airflow from 1.17 CFM to 200 CFM.

All models come as standard with auto restart protection and feature ball bearing, sleeve bearing, or our advanced omniCOOL™ bearing system that provides a unique alternative to traditional sleeve bearing designs.

With a variety of additional options, online tools, and customization capabilities available, their dc axial fans and centrifugal blowers are the ideal forced air cooling solution to defeat heat in your application.

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