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Top Accessories Manufacturers in the World

CrowdEither its electronics or any other task, accessories play a huge role. For completing any work it is mandatory to have proper equipment. Accessories work as an assistant, which help us to make any task perfect. There are number of companies, which make different type of accessories, but here we have enlisted top accessories manufacturers in the world;

Crowd Supply

One of the top accessories manufacturers in the world, Crowd Supply provides world class accessories. It has earned its name in the list by providing huge services to its clients. The company has a mission to bring original, useful, respectful hardware to life. The company makes sure that the Crowd Supply project is adding something new and exciting to the world. Crowd Supply feels, improvements on existing projects are fine, knock-offs are not.


DFRobot designs a large range of user-friendly electronic toolkits and modules in different levels, including sensors, robotic platforms, communication modules and so on. Moreover, detailed and organized online documentation with operation steps, sample codes and schematics are available to easily get started. These reasons are enough to make it one of the top accessories manufacturers in the world. DFRobot builds up a full ecosystem of online and offline touchpoints to better serve and communicate with its community members, Benefit from the strong community of learning and sharing fostered in last 10 years, the boundary of geography, technique and culture incorporates into the power of ideas and creativity.


ROBOTIS is a global robot solutions provider and one of the leading manufacturers of robotic hardware. ROBOTIS is the exclusive producer of the DYNAMIXEL brand of all-in-one smart servos. They are specialized in the manufacture of robotic hardware and full robot platforms for use in all fields of study and industry, as well as educational robotics kits for all ages and skill levels. The company has achieved its name in one of the top accessories manufacturers in the world.

SparkfunSparkFun Electronics

SparkFun Electronics is an electronics retailer in Niwot, Colorado, United States. It manufactures and sells microcontroller development boards and breakout boards. All products designed and produced by SparkFun are released as open-source hardware. The company is also one of the top accessories manufacturers in the world.

Hacker Gadgets

One of the top accessories manufacturers in the world, Hacker Gadgets is your one-stop Hacker Warehouse, for the best Hacking Gadgets, Pentesting Equipment, Hacker Hardware Tools and everyday Swag. Every hacker has their preferred hacking tools in their toolbox to perform specific attacks, collect information and secure their systems, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the latest hacking tools released in the Infosec community. After all, these tools are designed to improve and simplify existing penetration testing tools, automate the process or exploit current vulnerabilities. The company provides best in class accessories.


Pimoroni’s state of the art PCB production line allows them to manufacture precision electronics with a high degree of agility. It is optimised for quick turnaround of production jobs and can be quickly reconfigured for smaller R&D runs during development as needed. As well as developing its own products they have worked with the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Sheffield University to create bespoke technical solutions and products that fulfil their needs. By provide best accessories to its clients, it has made the name in one of the top accessories manufacturers in the world.


Tinkerforge is the affordable system of building blocks that will drastically simplify the implementation of your project. The modules are pluggable and they have an intuative API that is available for many programming languages. Through the high degree of abstraction the actual purpose of the project comes into focus while the technical implementation becomes a side issue. Tinkerforge is open source and Made in Germany. It is also one of the top accessories manufacturers in the world.


Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Arduino boards are able to read inputs – light on a sensor, a finger on a button, or a Twitter message – and turn it into an output – activating a motor, turning on an LED, publishing something online. You can tell your board what to do by sending a set of instructions to the microcontroller on the board. To do so you use the Arduino programming language (based on Wiring), and the Arduino Software (IDE), based on Processing. These facilities have made it one of the top accessories manufacturers in the world.


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