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AI Job Opening in India

JobThe requirements of artificial intelligence and machine learning researchers have been increased since pandemic situation. There is no doubt that pandemic created huge mess in everyone’s life but somehow it has renovated technical industry. AI & ML has demands are growing day by day; hence the manpower will surely be required. So, here we have enlisted few companies that have announced AI job opening in India.

American Express

AI job opening in India is growing, there are numerous companies which are recruiting AI specialists. American Express has recently announced the opening of AI researchers for its Amex AI Labs. With a focus on digitization, innovation, and analytics, the Global Decision Sciences (GDS) team creates central, scalable platforms and customer experiences to help markets across all of these priorities. Charter is to drive scale for the business, and accelerate innovation for both immediate impact as well as long-term transformation of our business. A unique aspect of GDS is the integration of diverse skills across all of its remit. GDS has a very broad range of responsibilities, resulting in a broad range of initiatives around the world. The Amex AI Labs of American Express Corporation, part of GDS, is looking for best in class AI Researchers to work in a dynamic and rewarding workplace.

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Intellinet System

Gurgaon based, Intellinet System has recently announced AI job opening in India. The person should have 0 to 03 years of experience with MS/Phd/Btech in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics with focus on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chat Application. The person have published some research papers in Artificial Intelligence domain or contributed to some research which got implemented commercially. Intellinet family is an award winning creative organization that have been recognized by various top brand multiple times. With a team of talented geeks, they do an easy job to bring innovation. The aim is to bring the best services in full with complete perfection when it comes to delivering services to customers.

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Delvetech is also shared details on AI job opening in India. According to the details, the occupant should possess extensive knowledge of and experience in applying data mining and machine learning, deep learning techniques in a professional context. Candidate should be expert in handling various data types and structures: structured, unstructured, voice, image and video data, static versus streaming data. Extensive prior experience in integrating data, profiling, validating and cleansing data in Big Data platforms is a must.

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Precily Private Limited

AI job opening in India have attracted major candidates from all over the world. Precily Private Limited has also announce an opening, where it requires one to three years of work experience with the knowledge of Automatic summarization, shortening a business document, book with our AI. The person should have credibility to create a summary of the major points of the original document. AI can make a coherent summary taking into account variables such as length, writing style, and syntax. They also working in the legal domain to reduce the high number of pending cases in India.

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Leena AI

There is one more AI job opening in India with Leena AI. They need NLP Developer with the knowledge of linear algebra, optimisation, probability, statistics. The person should have experience in the data science methodology from exploratory data analysis, feature engineering, model selection, deployment of the model at scale and model evaluation. Leena AI was founded with a belief that artificial intelligence can transform the way enterprises work. Their mission is to help enterprises build employee experience that puts people first. As a team, they encourage everyone to innovate and grow every day.

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