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Top 5 AI Labs in India


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a smart-algorithm process which copies bits of human intelligence building it into a dynamic computing environment. Engineers have made AI make humans work easier, simpler and more cognitive in nature. Before AI, doing enormous tasks and using the power of data was simply critical. With the Augmentation of AI, machines are no more just a mechanical formulation; today, it is equipped with advance features and unique capabilities of doing any work within a second. If you want to have a simple example of AI, see the ‘Siri feature on Apple phones or maybe watch a movie on an OTT platform. It can give you whole information without wasting a second also. Given the current development of Artificial intelligence (AI), India is no behind in developing and innovating in the AI space. Being one of the biggest homes for startups, developers, engineers and MSMEs, the potential of AIs in India can be spell bounding. Empowering the potential of Artificial intelligence (AI)  and slating a bright digital-future, India houses AI labs, where an algorithm is getting a salient cognizance. In this article, we will unveil the top AI Labs established in India. Here we have enlisted top 5 AI labs in India;

IBM Centre of Excellence

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Nitisha Dubey

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