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Top 5 AI Labs in India


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a smart-algorithm process which copies bits of human intelligence building it into a dynamic computing environment. Engineers have made AI make humans work easier, simpler and more cognitive in nature. Before AI, doing enormous tasks and using the power of data was simply critical. With the Augmentation of AI, machines are no more just a mechanical formulation; today, it is equipped with advance features and unique capabilities of doing any work within a second. If you want to have a simple example of AI, see the ‘Siri feature on Apple phones or maybe watch a movie on an OTT platform. It can give you whole information without wasting a second also. Given the current development of Artificial intelligence (AI), India is no behind in developing and innovating in the AI space. Being one of the biggest homes for startups, developers, engineers and MSMEs, the potential of AIs in India can be spell bounding. Empowering the potential of Artificial intelligence (AI)  and slating a bright digital-future, India houses AI labs, where an algorithm is getting a salient cognizance. In this article, we will unveil the top AI Labs established in India. Here we have enlisted top 5 AI labs in India;

IBM Centre of Excellence

IBMIBM has partnered with the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) in October 2020 to make artificial intelligence (AI) Centre of Excellence (CoE). Not only that, it has collaborated with the Karnataka Government and NITI Aayog for agricultural and environmental solutions. By initiating IBM STEM for females, it also helped the economic growth during a pandemic. Power of Artificial intelligence (AI), to improve usability and prosperity, and drive efficiency and cost savings in public procurement,” Dr Arvind Krishna, CEO, IBM. Lab has also announced its labs in Bengaluru. This lab centre has come out as a huge opportunity in the same field. The AI lab will help the company scale with the widespread adoption across critical embedded AI-based edge applications, such as robotics, medical, and autonomous vehicles.’s MLSoC (Machine Learning SoC) platform environment enables the widespread adoption of ML at the embedded edge by supporting any model, any neural network, any framework for any workload. Any resolution and any frame rate that comes through any sensor is efficiently compiled by the software and effectively deployed on the purpose-built machine learning device.


Wipro GEWipro GE Healthcare along with Indian Institute of Science (IISc) had announced last year, an advanced center for innovation and research at the IISc campus in Bangalore- ‘WIPRO GE Healthcare – Computational and Data Sciences Collaborative Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence in Medical and Healthcare Imaging’. The collaboration has stated work towards the next level of healthcare diagnostics with deep learning technology, artificial intelligence and future-ready digital interfaces, to provide highly sophisticated diagnostic and medical image-reconstruction techniques and protocols for faster and better imaging.


Accenture Innovation hubAccenture’s AI innovation hub in Hyerdabad has opened last year. The AI lab work towards innovating solutions for security, automation and block chain domains. This lab is considered as the Accenture’s first Nano Lab in the Asia-Pacific region. By giving different use cases of Artificial intelligence (AI)  and extended reality, the Nano lab also allows Accenture customers to connect with global researchers through immersive sessions and workshops. Accenture had also shared that it would acquire cloud engineering solutions provider Imaginea to accelerate its cloud-native product and platform engineering services. Imaginea has headquartered in California and also offices available in London and India. It currently advises more than 200 global clients to deliver cloud-first transformations.

IIT Kharagpur Innovation Hub

IIT-KharagpurIITians’ role in our country has made drastic changes. For making advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur has opened a technological hub.

The institute has been working towards promoting the fundamental research around artificial intelligence, and this AI lab has been set up as a proof of concept for the same.

The research will focus on topics like machine vision, natural language processing, internet of things etc.


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