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Top Antistatic Control Products Manufacturers in the World

AntistaticOn daily basis we use numbers of electronic equipment and it has become need for each and every area of our life. For keeping them safe we need to have some protective products, antistatic control products are one of them. Computer products, electronics, medical equipments, etc. are quite sensitive and these products require a lot of protection.  Antistatic control products also save your equipments to get hamper, which increases the life span of it. For any equipment, static control is necessary and by focusing on the same, we have enlisted top antistatic control products manufacturers in the world;


SCS comes first in the mind, when you talk about antistatic control products. It is one of the top antistatic control products manufacturers in the world. SCS products help electronic manufacturers manage their ESD program. Some of the equipment can be used to create a comprehensive SCS Static Management Program using a system of test equipment and software to monitor ESD control compliance in real-time. The Static Management Program (SMP) is designed to improve the customer’s product quality, production yields, and reliability.


DESCO primarily manufactures products in the United States of America with additional manufacturing in United Kingdom and Japan facilities.  But, its antistatic control products have made the name all over the world. The company is also one of the top antistatic control products manufacturers in the world. Their core product groups are manufactured for ESD control in electronics manufacturing areas. These product groups include component rework machines, bags, wrist straps, work surface and floor matting, laminates, foot grounders, smocks, gloves, flooring, ionizers, data acquisition, continuous monitors, testers, tape, dispensing bottles, document holders, specialty tools, and other workbench accessories. DESCO also manufacture non-ESD products, including chemicals, grounding, personnel identification, material handling, and training products.


One of the top antistatic control products manufacturers in the world, Amphenol has made its name in this list by providing world class products. Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The Company designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems. The primary end markets for the Company’s products are communications and information processing markets, including cable television, cellular telephone and data communication and information processing systems; aerospace and military electronics; and automotive, rail and other transportation and industrial applications.


The first Techspray product, Blue Stuff, was introduced in 1968 to clean lubricate the rotary contacts of TV tuners. Ironically enough, Blue Stuff was such a messy product that Techspray developed Blue Shower, a Freon-based cleaner to remove excess Blue Stuff. Techspray Blue Shower has become an industry-standard degreaser that’s known all over the world for its powerful cleaning action and fast evaporation. Techspray has made its name in one of the top antistatic control products manufacturers in the world.


Panduit is also one of the top antistatic control products manufacturers in the world. Physical infrastructure is a strategic foundation that can help future proof your business. Panduit’s industrial electrical and network infrastructure ensures smart, scalable, and efficient connectivity solutions across the enterprise to help you compete and succeed in a constantly evolving global marketplace. By partnering with Panduit, you can develop your connectivity strategy on a foundation that ensures scalability, accuracy, security, and reliability, so you can build for long-term growth.


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