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Top Attenuators Manufacturers in the World

An electric component that decreases the power of a signal without degrading its integrity is known as Attenuators. The product has been made of simple voltage divider networks. Attenuators are being used to lower the voltage so that they do not damage the electrical device and also to improve impedance matching. The attenuator is the opposite of an amplifier, though the two work by different methods. Here, we have mentioned the top attenuators manufacturers in the world;

Analog Devices

ADIAnalog Devices’ attenuators are available in a broad range of architectures and form factors, giving designers the flexibility to select a part best aligns with their system requirements. The parts are designed for the lowest insertion loss and best accuracy in the specified frequency range.

Attenuators are manufactured in GaAs and Silicon (SOI) processes which make them versatile in performance and highly reliable in operation for a wide range of applications in instrumentation, communications, military and aerospace markets. The company has achieved its name in the top attenuators manufacturers in the world.

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QorvoQorvo offers a broad portfolio of variable attenuators with digital or analog control operating up to 50 GHz. We also have a family of wideband fixed attenuators sold in die form that operate to 50 GHz. These attenuators use silicon-on-insulator (SOI) or pHEMT technologies to provide a wide selection of performance in frequency range, linearity, switching speed and robustness. Qorvo is one of the top attenuator manufacturers in the world.

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macomMACOM offers fixed attenuator bare die to be used in chip and wire assemblies. These products offer excellent return loss and flat attenuation from DC to 50 GHz. Attenuation values range from 0 to 20 dB. The company has earned its name in the top attenuators manufacturers in the world.

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attenuatorsRenesas is one of the top attenuators manufacturers in the world. The company offers a wide range of monolithic silicon RF attenuators that utilize either digital or analog control. All of the Renesas RF attenuators offer broad bandwidth, low insertion loss, high linearity with high attenuation accuracy, and low error. Applications supported by these RF attenuators include wireless infrastructure (base stations, broadband infrastructure (CATV), microwave radios, satellite and data terminals, general-purpose communication equipment, and test and measurement equipment.

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skyworksSkyworks has a wide selection of attenuators, which provide design engineers the flexibility to select products that best suit their system requirements―from GaAs digital attenuators to PIN diode voltage variable attenuators, and silicon fixed attenuator pads for infrastructure, test and measurement, and other high performance microwave applications up to 40 GHz. Skyworks has also made its name in the top attenuators manufacturers in the world.

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microchip attenuatorsMicrochip Technology’s MMS004AA is a low-power high-attenuation DC-50 GHz PHEMT FET attenuator. The voltage controlled MMS004AA attenuator is ideal for high frequency applications in test equipment, commercial and military systems. The attenuator is especially suited for applications needing a large amount of adjustable attenuation and fast attenuation control from DC to millimeter frequencies. Microchip has earned its name in the top attenuators manufacturers in the world.

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