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Autonomous Vehicles and its Major Players

Automation-carAutonomous vehicle or a driverless vehicle is trending in automotive industry, nowadays. It operates automatically and performs any task without any interference of humans.  If we talk about its speciality so autonomous vehicle has advanced sensor technology, smart control systems and intelligent actuators.

One cannot even imagine how it can work to resolve any complex task without humans. These vehicles are definitely going to be the time and money saver for everyone. But, in coming time passenger safety and their comfort zone will be the major issue with autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous vehicle has six different levels. According to the level, the extent of driverless car’s independence regarding operation control increases.

The first level is 0 where all command has been done by humans only. The next level is 1, where vehicle’s ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) supports the driver. At level 2, ADAS does it work but simultaneously driver needs to be continues attentive. At level 3, the ADS (advanced driving system) can do all the driving tasks but it require driver assistant and, at level 4, ADS does each and every task without any assistance. Level 5 comes with advance features and facilities. The vehicle can work without any help or guidance. This full automation will be enabled by the application of 5G technology, which will allow vehicles to communicate not just with one another, but also with traffic lights, signage and even the roads themselves.

There are numbers of companies, which make autonomous vehicles. Here, we have mentioned top autonomous vehicle startups in India;

AutonomousAti Motors

Whenever talks about autonomous vehicle startups, Ati Motors comes first in mind. Its huge varieties and advance facilities have made it one of the top autonomous vehicle startups in India. Ati has assembled an interdisciplinary team of around 30 engineers across machine learning/AI, power electronics, control systems, mechanical engineering, system software and electronic hardware. Apart from the in-house team, Ati leverages the excellent vendor ecosystem in Bangalore that already caters to a sophisticated aerospace, automotive and electronics verticals.


Banglore based Playment is also one of the top autonomous vehicle startups in India. Playment believes that AI can transform all aspects of your lives. That’s why they are building robust labeling infrastructures to accelerate the innovations of the future. The company offers sophisticated AI systems, which are built on high-quality data. But developing a continuous supply chain of accurate training data is one of the most critical bottlenecks in AI development and Playment provides all kinds of solutions.


iSenses is a machine intelligence company, which provides machine vision (MV) products and solutions for autonomy applications.  The unique style and customer’s positive responses have made it one of the top autonomous vehicle startups in India. iSenses solution helps in reducing the limitations related to accuracy, redundancy and efficiency which arise due to human-in-loop (HIL).  The company’s  MV platform called Drishti (omnividence: to see all) is able to detect, track, learn, classify and categorize multiple objects, persons or events of interest in real time, online with limited or partial training.

AutoNxt Automation

AutoNxt Automation has made its name in one of the top autonomous vehicle startups in India. The company offers different varieties but its autonomous tractor has achieved appreciation from all over the world. It has wide range of features, such as fully electric drivetrain, autonomous for farm application, Mobile Application for interaction with the tractor, etc.

Minus Zero

Minus Zero is India’s first startup building affordable fully Self Driving Cars in the country, capable of fully driverless maneuvers in world’s toughest unstructured and disorganized traffic scenarios, powered by proprietary nature-inspired AI that is less dependent on extensive data & costly sensor suite (like LIDAR’s, etc.). This began as an off-shoot of a project undertaken to counter the rise of road accidents in the country. Over 80% of road accidents happen due to the negligence of the human driver. It’s time that the travel experience in a tough traffic environment like India becomes more rider-centric eventually decreasing the pressure on a driver. Along with wide use cases of autonomous driving infrastructure in other domains like defense, logistics and bionics, they are amalgamating this tech with clean energy to power a sustainable automotive industry. These facilities and advance process have made it one of the top autonomous vehicle startups in India.

AutomationOmnipresent Robot Tech

One of the top autonomous vehicle startups in India, Omnipresent Robot Tech build drones and robots for industrial inspections and defence and the software that drives them. Using computer vision, machine learning and virtual reality, they are able to provide its clients with unsurpassed visual analytics and actionable insights. The company is based in New Delhi.

Swaayatt Robots

Swaayatt Robots’s team is focused on developing Level-5 autonomous driving technology, that works (i) traffic with highly stochastic dynamics, (ii) adversarial traffic, (iii) in unstructured environmental conditions, and (iv) without high-definition or hihg-fidelity maps. They are currently testing its on Indian roads and in Indian traffic conditions, as India is the toughest test ground for autonomous driving in the world.


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