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Top Brushes Manufacturers in the World

Brush is a common tool which has not only been used in homes but also in electronic equipment. It has bristles made of hair, wire, metal, synthetic fibers, or various natural materials that are attached to a handle made of wood, plastic, wire, or metal. Few are basic brushes, but there are some of them which have been used by power tools for heavy duty work such as removing paint or smoothing metals. Here, we have enlisted top brush manufacturers in the world;


3M3M comes first in the list of top brush manufacturers in the world. 3M has numbers of brushes, which can be used in several electronic tasks.

Although, it has numbers of products but, Scotch-Brite™ Radial Bristle Brush, uses its proprietary ceramic abrasive grain blended with aluminum oxide and molded, flexible bristles, provides more surface contact than wire brushes and maintains abrasive property throughout the life of the brush. 3M’s brush removes paint, stains, adhesives, weld burns, rust, heavy oxides, and surface contaminants.

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Amphenol Aerospace Low Mating Force (LMF) Rectangular Brush 55302 Connectors feature bristle brush contacts that meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-55302. They provide high density in tighter spacing, low mating / unmating forces, proven durability, and long contact life. A variety of termination types, lengths, and plating are available. Amphenol Aerospace LMF Rectangular Brush 55302 Connectors are ideally suited for use in medical equipment, IC chip testers, telecommunications, military and commercial aviation, military ground vehicles, and GPS systems. Amphenol’s quality has made it top brush manufacturers in the world.

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Apex Tool Group

APEXOne of the top brush manufacturers in the world, Apex Tool Group has made its name by providing wide range of brushes. Apex Tool Group (ATG) is also one of the largest manufacturers of professional hand and power tools in the world, serving the industrial, vehicle service and assembly, aerospace, electronics, construction and serious DIY markets.  ATG works collaboratively with distributors, retailers and large customers across the globe to make sure end users have the tools they need to solve real-world problems. Its unique category management approach provides customers with end-user data, market research and voice of the customer insight, which helps drive inventory, display and promotion decisions.

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CHEMChemtronics’ brush increases cleaning efficiency in two ways – minimizing solvent usage by applying solvent only where you need it, and maximizing cleaning with the addition of mechanical scrubbing action. Chemtronics’ product offering has grown from a handful of cleaners to a complete line of ultra-pure solvents, degreasers, swabs, wipes, and repair tools for the electrical, electronics and telecommunications industry. These whole bunch of quality products have made it one of the top brush manufacturers in the world.

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MG Chemicals

MG Chemicals has huge range of products, which have made it one of the top brush manufacturers in the world. MG Chemicals line of electronic cleaning products includes brushes to enhance the application of your cleaner, and remove loose debris that chemical cleaners alone cannot. Available with premium grade stainless steel, brass, horse hair or hog hair bristles and with wood, stainless steel, cad plated steel or tin handles. Depending on your needs you can choose from abrasive, non-abrasive or anti-static.

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