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Top 5 Card Edge Connector Manufacturers

Card-edgeAs the name defines, card edge connector is a part on the edge of the board that is plugged into the matching socket of a device or computer. The edge connector only needs a single discrete female connector, as the male connector is available at the edge of the PCB.

Edge connectors are being used in computers for peripheral cards, such as PCI, PCI Express, and AGP cards. The connector has a plastic box, which is opened from one side. Generally, edge connectors ensure you that the wrong type of device is not inserted. Although, there are numbers of companies, which manufacture card edge connectors, but here we have mentioned top 5 card edge connector manufacturers in the world;

HartingHarting: Harting has huge products lists and because of its wide range of varieties, it has been chosen in the top 5 card edge connector manufacturers in the world. Harting’s rugged micro TCA connectors have been specifically developed for the next generation of telecom, medical and industrial applications. The compact connector allows the transmission of highest data rates. This edge connector offers power contacts with the current carrying capacity of up to 16 A as well as contacts for signal transmission. HARTING offers application-specific design-in support for the connectors, as well as the system analysis support.

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TE Connectivity:


Whenever someone talks about the card edge connectors, TE Connectivity comes first in everyone’s mind. The card edge connector of TE Connectivity is engineered for high Signal Integrity (SI) on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and that’s make it one of the top 5 card edge connector manufacturers in the world. With a small design to increase PCB real estate, TE Connectivity’s card edge connectors provide performance reliability and design flexibility for the latest PCIe protocol solutions. The product portfolio consists of right angle, surface mount sockets with 52 contacts (for express mini card) or 76 contacts (for display mini card). Latches are available for selected heights. Some of the products in the category can support multiple function add-in cards and modules, including WiFi, Bluetooth, global navigation satellite systems, near field communication, and Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig).

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MolexMolex: Molex is also one of the top 5 card edge connector manufacturers in the world and the reason is its world class card edge connectors, which solves many problems across a high range of circuit sizes, configurations, pitch, and PCB-attach terminations. Its low-profile EdgeLine connectors are available in multiple orientations and PCB thicknesses for use in high-signal transmissions and high-density signal applications. Molex’s edge connectors are versatile enough to be used in vertical, right-angle, straddle-mount and orthogonal-direct applications, can be terminated to a cable or copper flex solution and is recognized by industry standards, including SFF-TA-1002, JEDEC, OCP 3.0 and Gen-Z Consortium.

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JAE ElectronicsJAE Electronics: JAE Electronics’ card edge connectors have achieved number of appreciations from its clients. JAE recently launched new ES6 Series card edge connectors for LED light bulbs and LED lighting, designed for easy connection and assembly of the LED mounting board and power board. The use of LED lighting devices is rapidly increasing due to its efficiency and eco-friendly benefits for consumers. As the popularity of LED lighting grows, LED manufacturers seek to increase capacity and yield while reducing cost, so efficient production practices and quality stability for high-volume manufacturing is imperative. The ES6 series’ card edge connection feature makes the assembly of the LED board and power board easy for LED manufacturers in mass production. Its compact design saves board mounting space and promotes design flexibility.

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EDACEDAC: EDAC known as a world leader in providing connectors for Card Edge and Rack & Panel applications. One of EDAC’s original product families, the Cardedge+ family of card edge connectors has grown to become one the largest offerings available in the market. Available in a number of contact spacings, with multiple options for contact terminations, plating thicknesses and mounting styles, providing its customers more flexibility with their designs. EDAC makes some of the most complex and innovative interconnect products in the world. Recognized as a global leader, EDAC provides design, manufacturing and logistics solutions, delivering superior quality and customer service to global distribution channels and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in computing and storage, medical, aerospace, industrial, communications networks, consumer and clean technology sectors. The huge numbers and qualities of products has made it one of the top 5 edge connector manufacturers in the world.

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