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Top Central Processing Units Manufacturers in the World

A main component of a computer that acts as its control center is known as Central Processing Unit (CPU). The CPU, also referred to as the “central” or “main” processor, is a complex set of electronic circuitry that runs the machine’s operating system and apps. The CPU interprets, processes and executes instructions, most often from the hardware and software programs running on the device. The CPU performs arithmetic, logic, and other operations to transform data input into more usable information output. While the CPU must contain at least one processing core, many contain multiple cores. A server with two hexa-core CPUs, for example, will have a total of 12 processors. Here, we have enlisted the top Central Processing Units Manufacturers in the World.

ADLINK Technology

ADLINKADLINK help build and deploy Edge AI solutions to connect people, places and things faster. Their leading edge software, hardware and services have been at the cutting edge of embedded computing and innovative technology for over 25 years, helping you to remain competitive. The company makes wide range of CPU and it has also earned name in the top central processing units manufacturers in the world.

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AdvantechOne of the top central processing units manufacturers in the world, Advantech offers wide selection of Intel processors (CPU) in most series and generations for every usage, including enterprise-scale servers, laptops, desktops, workstations, and mobile devices.

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congateccongatec is a rapidly growing technology company focusing on embedded computing products. The high-performance computer modules are used in a wide range of applications and devices in industrial automation, medical technology, transportation, telecommunications and many other verticals. Backed by controlling shareholder DBAG Fund VIII, a German midmarket fund focusing on growing industrial businesses, congatec has the financing and M&A experience to take advantage of these expanding market opportunities. congatec is the global market leader in the computer-on-modules segment with an excellent customer base from start-ups to international blue chip companies. The company has made its name in the top central processing units manufacturers in the world.

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IntelIntel has a wide range of CPU and the company has also achieved its name in the top central processing units manufacturers in the world. Designed with the needs of content creators in mind, Intel® Core™ X-series processor family offer the power, and convenience of a full studio in your PC. Quickly and simultaneously record, edit, and render with up to 4.8 GHz achieved through Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.01, up to 18 cores, and up to 36 threads. Add to this the flexibility offered by up to 72 platform PCIe* 3.0 lanes, quad channel memory with up to 256GB of memory capacity, and support for Thunderbolt™ 3 technology.

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MYIR TechMYIR works closely with ARM and many semiconductor vendors. Their product line spans a wide range of board level products including development boards, single board computers and CPU modules that help customers with evaluation, prototype, system integration or creating their own applications. MYIR also offers custom design solutions with expertise covering many ARM processors and operating systems, to support customers with a wide range of services that speed up their time to market. MYIR is one of the top central processing units manufacturers in the world.

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