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Top Chemical Manufacturers in the World

ChemicalsAs the name defines, Chemical is a substance that change to make one or more different components. Chemical has always been made by the same stuff. Few are available in nature, like water, few comes as chlorine. If you see your surroundings, so chemical is being used in every manner and everywhere.  In a simple language, chemical’s density can be found as solids, liquids, gases, or plasma, and may change between these phases of matter with changes in temperature or pressure and time. Chemical substances may be combined or converted to others by means of chemical reactions. So, here we have mentioned the top chemical manufacturers in the world;

MG Chemicals

MG Chemicals comes first in mind whenever we talk about chemical manufacturing. It is one of the top chemical manufacturers in the world. M.G. Chemicals is a manufacturer and wholesaler of chemical products for the electronics industry. MG Chemical’s chemical products include dusters and circuit coolers, cleaner / degreasers, flux removers, contact cleaners, protective coatings, solder, epoxies, adhesives, RTV silicones, lubricants, EMI/RFI shielding coatings, thermal management products, prototyping supplies, and more. It also distribute non-chemical products, such as wipes, swabs, brushes, desoldering braid, and copper clad boards.

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Techspray has earned its name in one of the top chemical manufacturers in the world.  Although, Techspray has huge number of products but its first product was Blue Stuff, which was introduced in 1968 to clean lubricate the rotary contacts of TV tuners. Ironically enough, Blue Stuff was such a messy product that Techspray developed Blue Shower, a Freon-based cleaner to remove excess Blue Stuff. Techspray Blue Shower has become an industry-standard degreaser that’s known all over the world for its powerful cleaning action and fast evaporation.

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MicroCare and its sub-brands, MicroCare Medical and Sticklers, formulates and blends cleaning, coating and lubricating fluids used in the manufacture and installation of products in the electronics, medical device, fiber optic and metal finishing industries. The company cares about the communities. MicroCare’s products are sustainable, helping protect both people and the planet and that’s make it one of the top chemical manufacturers in the world.

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Chemtronics is also one of the top chemical manufacturers in the world.  Since 1958, Chemtronics has been at the forefront of electronics maintenance and repair. Its product offering has grown from a handful of cleaners to a complete line of ultra-pure solvents, degreasers, swabs, wipes, and repair tools for the electrical, electronics and telecommunications industry.

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TE Connectivity

Solutions that power electric vehicles, aircraft, digital factories, and smart homes. Innovation that enables life-saving medical care, sustainable communities, efficient utility networks, and the global communications infrastructure TE Connectivity provides everything. For more than 75 years, they have partnered with customers to produce highly engineered connectivity and sensing products that make a connected world possible. The focus of TE Connectivity is on reliability and durability, its commitment to progress, and the unmatched range of product portfolio enables companies large and small to turn ideas into technology that can transform how the world works and lives tomorrow and that’s make it one of the top chemical manufacturers in the world.

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MicrocareHuber + Suhner

Huber + Suhner offers its customers around the globe outstanding products and services for their electrical and optical connectivity needs. The company focuses on the three main markets of industrial, communication and transportation which are addressed with applications from the three technologies radio frequency, fiber optics and low frequency. HUBER+SUHNER products deliver high performance, quality, reliability and a long service life – even under the toughest of conditions. A global production network, combined with subsidiaries and agencies in over 80 countries, puts HUBER+SUHNER close to its customers.  It has achieved its name in one of the top chemical manufacturers in the world.

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Plato Chemicals

Plato is also one of the top chemical manufacturers in the world.  With over 30 years of experience in PVC manufacturing, Plato Chemical continues to boast on a long tradition and unique know how. Initially starting out as the manufacturer of PVC compound, Plato has extened its focus on the research and development of a wide range of semi-manufactured plastic materials and products.

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