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Top Circuit Breaker Accessories Manufacturers in the World

These Circuit Breaker accessories have been matched to control voltage and also activated and the outputs change state whenever the breaker is tripped by an overcurrent or ground fault or protective relay function via the Trip Unit. The accessories provide a remote indication that the circuit breaker has opened because of an electrical fault. Typically one set of form C contacts, NO/NC with common neutral. Here, we have enlisted top circuit breaker accessories manufacturers in the world;

Phoenix Contact

phoenix contactPhoenix Contact’s device circuit breakers protect your equipment against overload and short-circuit currents and selectively shut down just the affected circuit in the event of a fault. To provide the ideal protection, their circuit breakers use various technologies: electronic, thermomagnetic, and thermal.

Optimize your production process and minimize downtimes by using its overcurrent protection. The company has achieved its name in the top circuit breaker accessories manufacturer in the world.

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altechAltech’s application requires supplemental protection for control circuits and on the load side of branch circuit protectors Altech has solutions.

The company offers a competitive line of AC Supplementary Protectors, up to 63A, in 1 to 3 poles at 480Y/277VAC with a 10kA short circuit withstand rating.

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abbThe System pro M compact© is the most complete range of miniature circuit breakers and residual current devices on the market.

This established system provides all the required accessories to complete your installation. The accessory range is wide-ranging and consists of busbars auxiliary and signal contacts, shunt trips, under voltage releases, motor operating devices and automatic reclosing units. Various options and assembly schemes with devices are possible. The company is one of the top circuit breaker accessories manufacturers in the world.

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Carling Technologies

carlingCarling Technologies’ TG/LTG-Series Mid-Sized Tippette rocker switches are single or double pole featuring snap-in mounting, nylon construction & optional illumination. The RSC-Series is a single pole switch with range of momentary and maintained single or double throw circuits. Similar to R-Series but with higher electrical ratings with up to 125 amp peak inrush capability. Features a unique curved two-color molded rocker for low cost “ON” indication. Max rating of 15A 250 VAC & 20A 125 VAC. UL & CSA approvals. The company has earned its name in the top circuit breaker accessories manufacturers in the world.

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TE Connectivity

te connectivityTE Connectivity’s circuit breaker is an electrical switch that is automatically operated and is designed to protect an electrical circuit from excess current or short-circuiting. A circuit breaker’s main function is to interrupt current flow if a fault is detected. Ranging in size, our circuit breakers offer thermal protection and magnetic-hydraulic trip-free operation and can protect something as small as a household appliance or be switchgear that protects high voltage circuits for an entire city.

The company has earned its name in the top circuit breaker accessories manufacturers in the world.

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