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Top 10 Circuit Breakers Manufacturers

Circuit-breakerAn electronic device which protects electrical circuits from damage caused by overcurrent/overload or short circuit is known as circuit breaker. Any electronic fault or short circuit flow destroy the equipment and network permanently. There should be clear fault current for the safety of equipment and networks. Circuit breakers works for keeping it safe, it does all the required switching operations during current carrying condition. During the interruption of large current, there would be large arcing in between switching contacts, so care should be taken to quench these arcs in circuit breaker in a safe manner. The circuit breaker is the special device which does all the required switching operations during current carrying condition. This was the basic introduction to circuit breaker. Here, we have enlisted top 10 circuit breaker manufacturers in the world;

ETAE-T-A: E-T-A offers a broad range of overcurrent protection and power distribution products – ranging from single components such as circuit breakers for equipment protection, electronic circuit protectors, solid state relays to complete intelligent systems. E-T-A ‘s thermal circuit breakers (circuit protectors, resettable fuses, circuit breakers for equipment protection) are ideally suited to overload protection of motors, transformers, magnetic valves, on-board electrical systems and low voltage lines. The wide varieties of circuit breakers has made its name in the  top 10 circuit breaker manufacturers in the world.

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