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Top DIAC Manufacturers in the World

Here, we have mentioned the top DIAC manufacturers in the world

A diode that takes electrical current only after its breakover voltage (VBO) has been reached is known as DIAC. DIAC also known as “Diode for Alternating Current” has two electrodes, and it is a member of the thyristor family. DIACs are used in the triggering of thyristors. DIAC has a major role in power regulation in power electronics but at the same time, it is not useful for AC circuits. They also control the speed of motors. Highlight the same, here we have mentioned the top DIAC manufacturers in the world;

Diotec Semiconductor

Diotec SemiconductorDiotec has achieved its name among the top DIAC manufacturers in the world. Discrete semiconductors have always been essential components of electronic devices.

Rectifiers in power supplies, transistors for switching and signal processing or protective elements in various circuits: Modern electronics cannot work without these parts. For almost 50 years, Diotec is active in this highly competitive market. The company has world-class DIAC and that’s make it best manufacturer among the list.

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ST DIACST’s Diacs are widely used in consumer appliance applications, such as variable speed hand tools and lighting (in particular CFL), electronic lamp ballasts, electronic transformers for halogen lamps and light dimmers. Functioning as a trigger diode with a fixed voltage reference, the Diac can be used in conjunction with Triacs for simplified gate control circuits or as a starting element of power oscillators in fluorescent lamp ballasts. The devices are available in surface mount and axial leaded packages. STMicroelectronics has earned its name in the top DIAC manufacturers in the world.

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RectronRectron Limited was established in January 1976 in Tu-Cheng, Taipei by a team of experienced semiconductor engineers.

Financed locally, Rectron very quickly emerged as a recognized supplier of quality discrete semi-conductors.  In 1981, Rectron increased sales revenues with direct access to the global semiconductor market via a network of exclusive Distributors and Agents. Rectron has different varieties in electronic components. It has made its name in the top DIAC manufacturers in the world.

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Taiwan Semiconductor

TAIWANRecognized for more than 40 years for its core competence in discrete Power Rectifiers, Taiwan Semiconductor has expanded its product portfolio to include Trench Schottkys, MOSFETs, Power Transistors, LED Driver ICs, Analog ICs and ESD Protection Devices, and now provides complete solution from one source.

Taiwan Semiconductor has made its name in the top DIAC manufacturers in the world.

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