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Top Display Drivers Manufacturers in the World

A kind of software that connects the operating system and hardware is known as a driver. Any kind of computer requires the driver to use it in different parts. Without drivers, computer has no idea how to use a given part of computer, be it printer, CD drive, mouse or video card. Display driver plays major role by let you operate video card in the computer. This is the major piece of software to have, because without it, video card is not being 100 percent utilized.  While highlighting the same, here we have enlisted top display driver manufacturers in the world;


EpsonEpson has a huge name in the industry and the reason is its world class products. Epson’s software, along with a USB cable, allows you to display images from your computer to your projector. This file is compatible with Windows 10 32/64-bit, Windows 8.1 32/64-bit, 8 32/64-bit, and Windows 7 32/64-bit. Epson has made its name in the top display driver manufacturers in the world.

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Texas Instruments

TITexas Instruments’ display power portfolio includes LCD display bias, level shifters and gamma buffers and OLED power supplies. These devices enable ultra-high efficiency while minimizing power losses and helping you achieve the best picture quality in personal electronics, industrial and automotive applications. The company has a huge collection and wide varieties of products which make it one of the top display driver manufacturers in the world.

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Analog Devices

ADIAnalog Devices’s display driver, DecDriver® family products, are developed to meet the demanding cost and performance targets required by today’s consumer display products. The multiple display drivers and the solutions optimized for different panel sizes and performance reuqirements are in demand. ADI’s analog LCD display drivers provide a diverse range of options for industrial and commercial applications. The larger than standard rail-to-rail output swing offered by select members of this product line help enable applications requiring greater dynamic range than standard video op amps allow. Its digital LCD display drivers help meet the increasing demand for higher-resolution displays in home entertainment and home theater. This portfolio of products offers improved power, enhanced image quality, and lower costs. The company has also made its name in the top display driver manufacturers in the world.

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ST DisplayST’s display controller solutions are innovative SoCs designed with flexible application platforms and superior image quality. STMicroelectronics creates and delivers technology as microchips (or just “chips”), which are embedded in the most advanced innovations.

They are an essential part of products as diverse as electric cars and key fobs, giant factory machines and data centers, washing machines and hard disks, and smartphones and toothbrushes. ST has become one of the top display driver manufacturers in the world.

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Infineon Technologies

Infineon displayInfineon’s  Graphic LCD Controller (GraphicLCDCtrl) component provides the interface to an LCD panel that has an LCD driver, but not an LCD controller. This type of panel does not include a frame buffer. The frame buffer must be provided externally. This component also interfaces to an externally provided frame buffer implemented using a 16-bit wide async SRAM device. This Component is designed to work with the SEGGER emWin graphics library. This library provides a full-featured set of graphics functions for drawing and rendering text and images. emWin graphics library available for PSoC™ 3, PSoC™ 4 and PSoC™ 5LP devices. Infineon has achieved its name in the top display driver manufacturers in the world.

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RenesasWith Renesas display solutions, it is now possible to unleash your creativity in designing the best human-machine interface and implement it in a short time. Check out their demonstration videos to see how a high display performance and advanced functionalities can be achieved with this solution. LCD Displays have been replacing standard 7-segment displays in embedded systems at a tremendous pace. It offers endless possibilities to the interaction between human and devices. Be it displaying simple things such as text, numbers and graphs; it is also now possible to display videos and images on the same display panel.

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