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Top Makers/DIY Manufacturers in the World

AdafruitNow, for performing any task, a person doesn’t require professionals, because DIY trend is so much on. DIY also known as do-it-yourself is following by each and everyone, nowadays. Pandemic situation has given a tremendous boost to this DIY trend. A maker can also be an experimenter or hobbyist, who wants to design or create something for fun or learning. While focusing on the same, here we have mentioned top DIY providers in the world;

Adafruit Industries

The well-known name in the industry Adafruit is also one of the top DIY providers in the world. Adafruit was founded in 2005 by MIT engineer, Limor “Ladyada” Fried. Her goal was to create the best place online for learning electronics and making the best designed products for makers of all ages and skill levels. In the last 10 years, Adafruit has grown to over 100+ employees in the heart of NYC with a 50,000+ sq ft. factory. Adafruit has expanded offerings to include tools, equipment, and electronics that Limor personally selects, tests, and approves before going in to the Adafruit store.


One of the top DIY providers in the world, DFRobot was founded from a local maker community in 2008, among the first to embrace open source hardware, it keeps creating innovative, user-friendly hardware & software products that become the building blocks in all kinds of electronic projects and fostering a strong community of learners around it. After a decade, DFRobot has expanded from open source hardware to STEM education, manufacturing, and other industries.


As the name sounds, SparkFun has achieved major positive feedback from its clients. Since 2003, SparkFun has been helping turn ideas into reality – whether you’re creating a smart weather station, exploring the frontier of machine learning, building a robot for school or prototyping your first (or tenth) product. No matter your vision or skill level, its open source components, resources and online tutorials are designed to broaden access to innovative technology and make the road to a finished project shorter. It is also one of the top DIY providers in the world.


DiceKeys is one of the top DIY providers in the world. They design DiceKey according to the need of the customers. They charge no money for subscription and cover almost everything. DiceKeys invent, design, and produce both the hardware and software.

Seeed Studio

Seeed has been serving the global developer community since 2008, by providing open technology and agile manufacturing services, with the mission to make hardware more accessible and lower the threshold for hardware innovation. With Shenzhen’s vast resources, and trusted technology and distribution partners around the world, Seeed strives to be the most integrated platform for creating hardware solutions for IoT, edge AI applications. The company has achieved its name in one of the top DIY providers in the world.

crowdCrowd Supply

One of the top DIY providers in the world, Crowd Supply has numbers of products, which it offers to its customers. They work on delivering thoughtfully crafted products to delighted backers. A Crowd Supply project should add something new and exciting to the world. Improvements on existing projects are fine, knock-offs are not.

Bare Conductive

Since 2011 Bare Conductive has been on a mission to inspire, propel, and equip a diverse community of creators with new electronic materials, hardware, and software. They believe in unleashing the power of people’s ideas and breaking down barriers with interdisciplinary technologies. From its first jar of Electric Paint, Bare Conductive has worked to equip anyone with the tools they need to incorporate electronics and interactivity into their projects and prototypes. They have built everything that a creator needs to bring their ideas to life, from materials like Electric Paint, to hardware like the Touch Board and software tools like our Grapher. Bare Conductive’s kits combine its tools with specific project outcomes whether you’re an electronics novice or a printed electronics pro. These  reasons are enough to make it one of the top DIY providers in the world.


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