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Energy Storage and its Major Players in India

Energy-storeAs the name defines, the energy storage works to attract energy from different renewable sources. There are numerous companies that work to get this done in a professional and easier method. Rechargeable batteries are one of the examples of energy storage, which stores chemical energy readily convertible to electricity to operate a mobile phone; the hydroelectric dam, which stores energy in a reservoir as gravitational potential energy; and ice storage tanks, which store ice frozen by cheaper energy at night to meet peak daytime demand for cooling. There are numbers of energy storage companies, but here we have mentioned top energy storage companies in India;


One of the top energy storage companies in India, Targray is a global marketer and distributor of physical commodities and advanced materials for a range of niche markets. The company has grown to become a major international supplier of electronic materials, renewable fuels, energy products and agricultural goods. Targray working alongside global partners, we are focused on supporting the growth and sustainability of novel energy and agriculture industries through collaboration, innovation and value creation.

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Rays Power Infra

Rays Power Infra is one of the top energy storage companies in India. The company is based in Rajasthan. Rays Power Infra is one of the Largest Solar Developer and EPC Management company. It has commissioned solar park and projects rounding to 620 MW. The company has gained expertise in the Transmission, Power distribution and rooftop segment as well. Being a competitive solar EPC management organization in India, it extends support extensively in Consulting – Engineering – Contracting – Commissioning services.

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StoreStatcon Energiaa

Statcon Energiaa has emerged as the answer to the Indian subcontinent’s energy needs. From supply to the Indian air force and navy to power-housing mid-sized factories in rural areas to providing cold storage solutions to farmers, it caters to everyone’s needs. Statcon Energiaa is the largest Indian supplier of Solar Invertors and one of the largest manufacturers in the entire world and that’s make it one of the top energy storage companies in India. They have been awarded by numerous organizations with various accolades and the most recent one is- Excellence in E-Mobility and Storage Award 2018.

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Urja Solutions

Urja Solutions has also achieved its name in one of the top energy storage companies in India. It has a team of experienced and dynamic professionals to deliver comprehensive solutions in Renewable energy and Power conditioning sectors. Team Urja engineer solutions across the complete technology life cycle from consulting, design, system integration, quality management systems and value added reselling for the management of a business enterprise.

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Vyomaa Energy

Vyomaa Energy is committed to provide clean, affordable and environmentally conscious alternatives to traditional utility generated energy. Vyomaa Energy enables access to the advantages of solar energy through long-term contracts and no upfront costs that generate recurring, predictable customer payments. Vyomaa Energy aims to provide best-in-class customer service and deploy technology that empowers customers to take charge of their energy future. This company is also known as one of the top energy storage companies in India.

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Sungrow Power Supply is the world’s most bankable inverter brand with over 182 GW installed worldwide as of June 2021. Founded in 1997 by University Professor Cao Renxian, Sungrow is a leader in the research and development of solar inverters with the largest dedicated R&D team in the industry and a broad product portfolio offering PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for utility-scale, commercial, and residential applications, as well as internationally recognized floating PV plant solutions. With a strong 24-year track record in the PV space, Sungrow products power installations in over 150 countries.

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Fluence is the global market leader in energy storage technology solutions and services, combining the agility of a technology company with the expertise, vision, and financial backing of two well-established and respected industry giants. Fluence’s goal is to create a more sustainable future by transforming the way we power our world. Energy storage is critical to this transformation — yet today the market is fragmented and customers face the challenge of finding a trusted technology partner amidst conflicting technical claims, inexperienced vendors and installers, and new market entrants with limited power sector knowledge. Its huge varieties and unbeatable qualities have made it one of the top energy storage companies in India.

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