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Top features to consider in a cloud storage solution

cloud storage solution

The cloud storage segment is gaining a lot of momentum these days. Of late we have seen lot small and medium sized businesses are opting for the option of cloud storage. The method of cloud storage is considered to be one of the best ways in which the businesses can keep their data safe and also easily accessible at the same time. The cloud storage service is designed backup the important files and documents, which can be easily accessed through from any Internet-connected device — even when those files contain sensitive company and client data.

With the adoption of cloud storage the SMBs can simply keep their files and other important data at their fingerprints. However, before going for one the business should keep in mind their individual needs and requirements. Keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the businesses we have listed below seven essential features to look for at the time of purchasing a cloud storage solution for your organisation.

  1. File Versioning

This feature supports file versioning which allows you to edit without any problem. This will also not overwrite your old files at the time you are making any change. Moreover, it will save multiple versions of your files, so that you can recover the old copies later. It acts as a rescuer at the time, when you need retrieve you valuable data which has been overwritten. There are many cloud storage solutions available in the market which includes the feature of file versioning. But, some of them are designed only to maintain some of the versions and can even delete older versions after certain period of time. However, some of the services allow the user to regain the deleted files.

  1. Automatic Sync

Automatic syncing is one of the features, which is a must for the businesses that largely depend on the cloud. This feature will help the users to update their data and will also highlight the edits made by the user in real time. However, not all the services that come with the syncing facility can sync automatically. So, it is essential that you go for this feature as this protects you from the hassle of manual syncing. Automatic syncing also keeps your data update every time. The best cloud storage solution also enables the users to program permanent backups to an external drive to occur at specified time intervals.

  1. Collaboration tools

Collaboration tools play a major role when it comes to sharing and editing the files with another employee. This service enable the users to share files with an authorized user on any device in various ways like direct link, email etc. The USP of this service is that it keeps the data secure by providing it with password protection, which can be enabled at the folder and sub folder level. So, do make sure that your cloud storage solution comes embedded with this feature to make you workflow easier and simpler.

  1. View and edit files from the cloud

This feature is one of the most important features for the business ready cloud computing platforms. Business owners have to access their files at any time and transferring of important files from one device o another becomes a tedious task. There are various vendors of cloud computing services permits the users to view and edit files from the cloud on any computer, smartphone, tablet or other Internet-connected device. Through the help of this one can easily edit on the fly, and have your edits synced across all your devices. However, you just have to be careful before you subscribe to this, as there are services which are media-focused like Amazon Cloud Drive, which asks you to download the file first then edit and then upload it back.

  1. Security and file encryption

Security is one of the utmost priorities of the businesses and it increases invariably when you take your business to the cloud. If the service is not secured then your highly confidential and valuable data can land into wrong hands. Just to be on the safe side just make sure that your service encrypts your data at least once before it ever leaves your servers. There are some services which allow you to pick up your own encryption. Along with this, the service should also provide you with the capability of protecting your documents with the help of password at the time of accessing them from a mobile device.

  1. Flexible storage capacity

With the growing size businesses the storage needs also keeps on increasing. The small businesses mostly look for a cloud storage platform which can easily accommodate data from 5 to 20 employees with plenty of space at an affordable price. There are some of the storage platforms which offer a limited amount of data at a cheap price tag which keeps on increase with an increase in the storage capacity. Also there are some of the vendors which offer unlimited storage option. But, the best cloud storage option is the ones which increase with the growing size of the business and are flexible in nature.

  1. Consistent tech support

We tend to face a lot of technical issues when we decide to take our business on a digital platform. So, it is very essential to have proper technical help and support for the service.  The technical support of 24*7 is the most ideal option. Along with this, the email and phone support is also a good option. There are many service providers which also give the technical support through live text chat, which helps you to troubleshoot.

Just before going for the perfect cloud storage solution for your business, keep in mind these features.


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