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Top five business technology trends for Fiscal 2014 via Advanced 365

Top five business technology trends for Fiscal 2014 via Advanced 365

ENGLAND: Primary IT managed service provider, Advanced 365 (Advanced) has declared its top five business technology trends for Fiscal 2014. The trends from their barrio have been cherry – picked from a novel white paper, *‘What’s Hot in 2014‘, which was commissioned by Advanced.

The paper goes on to identify the most transformative technologies that will surface in excess of the next fiscal year and commends steps businesses need to take in order to utilize these so as to remain ahead of the curve. Enhanced data analytics, followed by better infrastructure intelligence, cloud service growth and the importance of securing networks amidst an upsurge as regards unauthorised employee BYOD use are all priorities for enterprises this year.

Neil Cross, MD, Advanced 365 notes that – “The breadth and depth of technology advancements has never had the impact on our lives that it does now. Developments are impacting all touch points of the value and supply chains, with consumer empowerment, mobile, social, data and cloud capabilities all redrawing the business environment in profound ways.”

Rhetoricising further that – “Data analytics, for instance, is increasingly important as organisations in every industry seek to make sense of massive volumes of data and deploy platforms that translate this information into meaningful business intelligence. There are many business technologies that are developing rapidly; however, our top five trends recognise those where we are seeing the most interest from our clients across the private, public and not for profit sectors.”

Network security plus the advance of BYOD – With 81 percent of workers acknowledging to the sheer fact of using their own devices so as to access their employer’s network – without their employer’s knowledge or permission – businesses need to focus on improving security. Safeguarding networks is a requisite and necessitates the execution of BYOD usage guidelines in conjunction with technical controls that physically permits or stop access.

Infrastructure intelligence – By 2020 it is projected that there will be 4 billion people online using 50 trillion gigabytes of data. The surge in data volume is being powered by the rise in use of business critical apps, followed by mobile devices and the ever so voguish and yonder, “cloud.” With storage swelling at 20-40 percent each year, businesses need to improve their intelligence and implement an infrastructure to store such vast quantities of data.

Data analytics – If businesses are to harness big data and use the same to drive their commercial strategies, they need to invest in up-to-the-minute data analytics and business intelligence systems. Unrelenting advance in the volumes of enterprise data available to businesses is valuable only if they obtain cross-functional buy-in so as to break down the many data and organisational silos that still exist within organisations.

Rise of the cloud – Ninety percent of UK businesses anticipate to move some of their applications to the cloud by Fiscal 2017. A lot of IT managers expect that the rise of cloud-based applications will have a key impact on the very way in which they manage their data centre and enterprise infrastructures.

Businesses need to manage these changes and their impact on IT personnel. Business processes must evolve in tandem with cloud adoption if organisations are to achieve the full potential of their cloud investments.

24/7 business connectivity – The social and business implications of 24/7 connectivity are only just starting to materialize. In order to service the demand for round-the-clock access to goods and services, business will need to invest in new-fangled technology and rework their working processes consequently.


Jawed Akhtar

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