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Top Flat Cable Manufacturers in the World

CablesAn electric cable which is flat and flexible to use is known as flat cable. It has a compact design with smooth texture than the round one. These cables can be found in high-flex applications, like: robots festoon and automated processing equipment.

Flat cables are easy to use and it clean up messy wiring and has numerous benefits. If we compare round cable with flat cables, it covers only 50% of the space.  While focusing on the same, we have enlisted top flat cable manufacturers in the world;


3M has achieved its name in one of the top flat cable manufacturers in the world and the reason is its world class flat cables. Although it numerous varieties, but 3M Round Conductor Flat Cable, 3365 Series has 28 AWG wire on .050 inch centers that permit mass termination to a broad line of IDC connectors. This stranded copper wire provides flexibility and extended product life, and is zippable for branching or discrete termination.

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Premo-Flex Cable Jumpers from Molex offers an extensive range of standard products that deliver flexibility and performance for its customers’ reliable board to board connection. Premo-Flex delivers custom solutions with multiple capabilities that enable designers to maximize PCB space and reduce component cost. Molex’s Premo-Flex provides the ability to print a wide range of thicknesses and number of lines on a cable to assist connector assembly by ensuring the cable is fully mated. These are the few reasons which make it one of the top flat cable manufacturers in the world.

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The name of HARTING always comes in mind, whenever someone talks about flat cables. It has tremendous quality and wide range of products and that’s make it one of the top flat cable manufacturers in the world. HARTING provides digital services offering easy collaboration, cooperation and dialogue on a mutual level. There are many different functions available to assist you in day-to-day tasks. With digital tools to inspire your work and offer added transparency and reliability. myHARTING has everything you need for your day-to-day work – and it’s quick, clear and available 24/7.

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Johnson Electric

Parlex is a popular brand of Johnson Electric, which has years of expertise with a wide range of laminated flexible flat cable to provide superior reliability solutions in dynamic flex and service loop applications. Johnson Electric has become one of the top flat cable manufacturers in the world. Leading companies within the automotive, telecommunications, medical, and consumer electronics industries select Parlex because of their custom engineering capability. The Parlex capability includes customized solutions incorporating laminated flat cables, printed circuit boards and connectors, flexible printed circuits and EMI/RFI shielding.

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ADLINK Technology

One of the top flat cable manufacturers in the world, ADLINK  Technology has operations in the United States, UK,  Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Japan, Korea and Germany. ADLINK’s flat cables are currently available in over 40 countries across five continents, with worldwide distribution networks and more than1,800 employees. ADLINK has been associated with many major technology leaders and 500 companies. With design and technology centers in the U.S., the Pacific Rim regions and Germany, ADLINK is a technology-leading platform provider in the embedded computing industry.

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Omron has its reach in all over the world; either it is healthcare industry or automation. Omron achieved its name in one of the top flat cable manufacturers in the world. Omron’s efforts in three areas: improving productivity in the manufacturing industry, improving people’s day-to-day lives, and creating a new relationship between people and machines has made it unique. Omron Flat Cables has achieved appreciations from its clients and all over the world.

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TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity, one of the top flat cable manufacturers in the world has earned customers from all over the world. For more than 75 years, TE Connectivity has partnered with customers to produce highly engineered connectivity and sensing products that make a connected world possible. The focus is on reliability and durability, commitment to progress, and the unmatched range of its product portfolio enables companies large and small to turn ideas into technology that can transform how the world works and lives tomorrow.

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