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Top IoT Project Ideas to Start Right Now!

IoT ProjectTermed as a predominant technology backing all others, IoT has soared higher than the initial expectations of technologists during the time of its inception.

Integration of IoT in every field of today’s market was just the start of an endless loop, IoT has deeply embedded itself in our lifestyles while opening up a new world of smart living.

And with the world finally acknowledging the worth of IoT, its market is expected to rise exponentially in the coming years as predicted by several types of research.

In a nutshell, IoT can be defined as the concept of connecting any digital device to the internet and any other connected devices. Here all parts of the network interact with each other to store and share data.

Having a broad spectrum of applications, the future of IoT is brighter than ever and so, 2021 is the perfect time to learn and get started with IoT and the projects centered around it.

Since the theoretical approach of any subject or topic has its limitations, a practical outlook is always a better choice to acquaint ourselves with any technology.

Therefore, now we are going to discuss some of the Top IoT Project Ideas to start right now, especially for beginners so that they can work to put their knowledge to the test.

So, let the journey begin!

Top IoT Project Ideas to Start Right Now

Below is the list of some eye-catching Top IoT Project Ideas that we can work on right now.

Remote Health Monitoring System 

Remote Monitoring SystemHurdle: After experiencing an anxious-filled period of constant worry in pandemic times, every healthcare worker, caregiver as well as a common man is always at risk of catching or contracting a seasonal pathogen when we are in close contact with the patient. So how can we ensure our safety while going on with our daily routine?

Resolution: Remote patient monitoring or RPM presents the solution as one of the Top IoT Project Ideas with its necessary application.

The system provides a way of gathering medical data outside of conventional healthcare facilities, though it is not an easy feat to set up an RPM at home.

Besides proving as a cost-effective automated RPM system, it requires the person to stand near the non-contact temperature sensor, then the caregiver presses the start button, and the device will store and log the measurements into Google sheets that could be later reviewed by a designated doctor. Therefore, presented as one of the most suited Top IoT Project Ideas of 2021.

Smart Door Lock System

Smart LockHurdle: As we are moving towards a smart society where voice-control devices are no longer a fantasy, home security has come up as a major concern of any household. Since normal keys can easily be stolen or get lost, traditional locks can compromise home security. How can we tackle this?

 Resolution: You guessed right! Smart Locks are the new trend of the modern household. Deemed as one of the most interesting Arduino Top IoT Project Ideas, one can set up a smart lock using Arduino, ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module, Solenoid lock, and a High-Power Transistor.

This cost-efficient smart security device works on the concept of a QR code on the door that can connect to the Wi-Fi with one’s mobile and thus can be scanned to log in using the unique ID and Password.

Gesture-Controlled Contactless Switch

Gesture-controlledHurdle: Contactless switches have gained popularity since the pandemic times as the contact-less feature allows minimum possibilities of contracting any virus or disease. But, what about public places?

Since the surfaces of switches and doorknobs in public places regularly come in direct contact with many people, the issue of contactless devices gained traction.

Resolution: Another example of one of the Top IoT Project Ideas, this project idea aims to build a gesture-controlled switch having its usage in homes and public places.

The list of components needed for this project mainly included, Arduino mini pro, OLED Display, Channel Relay, 5V adaptor, Gesture Sensor, and any small bulb. Therefore, creating an interesting idea revolving around IoT.

Wrong Posture Muscle Strain Detector

Back posture detectorHurdle: With millions of people forced into remote working, bad posture while working from the comforts of one’s home became a common issue to tackle.

Poor posture can lead to long-term emotional and physical health problems and thus, can’t be ignored in this age where minimal physical activity has become a norm. So, what can be done?

 Resolution: Another stellar example of Top IoT Project Ideas can be inferred from the above issue. According to this project, the system can measure the limits of muscle stretchability and any strain created by it.

An alert will be sent if the strain exceeds the set threshold mark while also saving the captured data on the user’s smartphone by linking it via Bluetooth. Thus securing its place as one of the Top IoT Project Ideas of 2021.

Smart Baggage Tracker

smart baggageHurdle: Since traveling via train and airports for long-distance business trips and vacation is a common routine, losing baggage during travel poses a greater hassle in this busy and crowded world.

Especially in airports, around 1% of bags are at risk of being lost in airline travel which is a vast number.

Resolution: Our next example of Top IoT Project Ideas is, therefore, based on a baggage tracker that can innovatively help in the tourism sector. The main idea is to develop a tracker for bags that can send its coordinate to the users’ phones.

We can use the FONA board for this project, along with a microcontroller with a GSM module that will report the location of the tracker every minute.


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