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Top 10 Lidar Companies in India

LidarLidar (Light Detection and Ranging) works in a form of a pulsed laser, which measure ranges (variable distances) to the Earth. The light pulses combined with a laser, a scanner, and a specialized GPS receiver. Lidar has mostly been used in Airplanes and helicopters. It has two different varieties; topographic and bathymetric. Topographic lidar typically uses a near-infrared laser to map the land, while bathymetric lidar uses water-penetrating green light to also measure seafloor and riverbed elevations. Lidar has a capability that allows it to examine natural and manmade environments with accuracy, precision, and flexibility. Although, India has several challenges for investing in Lidar business, but here are few companies which have already marked their presence in the industry. Here, we have mentioned top 10 Lidar Companies in India;

OTT Hydromet

OTT-HydrometOTT HydroMet offers valuable insights for experts in water and weather applications to help protect lives, the environment and infrastructure. The company goes beyond simply providing solutions by partnering with its customers in designing effective answers to the challenges they encounter in their vital role of monitoring the world’s water and surface weather.

Its global team leverages decades of expertise from each market to shape modern technologies, engineering, and applications. They combine globalized innovation with tailored expert service and break local barriers by listening to its customers’ unique needs, so you can have better trust and confidence in your data for both water and weather applications. The reason of its best lidar systems have made its name in the top 10 Lidar Companies in India.

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Axis Geomatiques Solutions

Axis Geomatiques SolutionsOne of the well-known names in Lidar Industry, Axis Geomatiques Solutions has achieved its name in the top 10 Lidar Companies in India. The company has been established in 2008 and is headquartered in Madurai, India. Axis service capabilities adopt a fully integrated approach. In an industry where intellectual capital/property is important, Axis Geomatiques Solutions has ensured that it has staff experienced and skilled in essential service areas, such as Systems Design, Development and Implementation, Project Management, Hardware and Software Deployment, and Networking.

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Echometrix Engineering

Echometrix-EngineeringEchometrix Engineering provides a complete solution for Geospatial Services and Civil Engineering Services, which has selected it as one of the top 10 Lidar Companies in India. Echometrix’s dedicated & skilled professionals along with best of infrastructure, technologies to provide best-in-class services.

Echometrix strives high quality in LiDAR data processing and mapping services on point cloud data from Aerial/ Mobile /Terrestrial Platforms and Photogrammetry mapping to meet client requirements and expectations.

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Enspatia 3D

Enspatia 3D, a Geospatial consultancy firm established in 2019 and the head office is located at Kolkata, India. Enxpatia 3D, an innovative company offers wide variety of services with LiDAR and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle data. It is equipped with highly experienced and knowledgeable people in Geospatial domain, ready to help you out in your requirement.  We are a leading Geospatial service provider in India and that’s make it one of the top 10 Lidar Companies in India. The company is more focused on LiDAR and UAV/UAS photogrammetry data processing. Enspatia 3D offer wide variety of services such as Aerial, Mobile and Terrestrial LiDAR data processing, Matching and Feature extraction, UAV/UAS  Imagery processing, DTM generation, Contour etc. and many more.

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Lotus Geo

Lotus Geo is a Geographic Information System (GIS) consulting company. The company has an unparalleled experience in delivering ready-to-use, highly accurate data for various industry-focused GIS applications and across the globe. It leverages its experience of 10 years to serve the clients better. Lotus Geo is equipped with the most comprehensive state-of-the-art infrastructure and skilled manpower to offer a whole range of photogrammetric services to cover everything under Photogrammetry. Its wide range of functions and offerings has made it one of the top 10 Lidar Companies in India.

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Oasis provides mapping which means in geomatics or geospatial science is to collect geospatial data and generally used instead of cartography. Map is created through some cartographic works i.e determining the scale/level of detail and content of geographic or cartographic database, entry criteria and symbol specification for geospatial objects, generalization, layout design etc. In other words, the acquisition of data with geographic coordinates directly from terrain or imagery means mapping. In mapping graphical representation of a procedure, process, structure, or system that depicts arrangement and relationships among its different components, and traces flows of energy, goods, information, materials, money, personnel, etc. The Oasis is definitely deserves its name in one of the top 10 Lidar Companies in India.

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Campbell Scientific

Campbell Scientific is a leading designer and manufacturer of data loggers, data acquisition systems, and measurement and control products, which has been used worldwide in a variety of applications related to weather, water, energy, gas flux and turbulence, infrastructure, and soil. The company is specialized in rugged, low-power systems for long-term, stand-alone monitoring and control. Campbell Scientific is proud to be internationally recognized in the measurement and control industry for producing accurate and dependable instruments. The best qualities and wide range has made it one of the top 10 Lidar Companies in India.

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Tesscorn partners with Principals worldwide to deliver innovative research tools for research and development. Tesscorn, one of the best companies recognized as one of the top 10 Lidar Companies in India. It is a company of Applications Engineers dedicated to listening, understanding and reacting to its customers’ needs.  With expansive capabilities and over 25 years of dedicated experience in the industry, it specializes in providing exceptional service before, during, and after the sale. The company’s breadth and depth of experience spans markets including, university, across the aerospace, land and maritime domains of the defence market and to government space programs, environmental research and industrial R&D.

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Jenoptik Group

Jenoptik is a globally operating technology group. Optical technologies are the very basis of its business with the majority of its products and services being provided to the photonics market. The key target markets primarily include the semiconductor equipment industry, automotive and mechanical engineering, medical technology, traffic, aviation and aerospace as well as the security and defense technology industries. In 2020, Jenoptik generated revenue of approx. 767 million euros. The Jenoptik Group is headquartered in Jena, Germany. In addition to several major sites in Germany Jenoptik is represented in Europe, in the USA, and Asia-Pacific. JENOPTIK AG is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and included in the SDax and TecDax indices.

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CivilGEO develops advanced engineering and environmental modeling software for civil engineers worldwide. Consulting engineering organizations, public utilities, government agencies, and educational universities rely on CivilGEO’s software to engineer, design and build the world’s infrastructure. Continuous research and development are key to our success; our software improves constantly to respond to the needs of working professionals and incorporate the most robust and necessary functionality. The result is that CivilGEO’s software empowers thousands of engineers to competitively plan, manage, design, operate, and sustain highly efficient and reliable infrastructure systems.

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