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Top Megohmmeter Manufacturers in the World

We have enlisted top megohmmeter manufacturers in the world.

amprobeA unique type of tester which measures the electrical resistance of insulators is known as a megohmmeter.  It measures very high resistance values by sending a high voltage signal into the object being tested. Typically, however, this is the only function a megohmmeter performs. Here, we have enlisted top megohmmeter manufacturers in the world;


Amprobe builds world-class megohmmeters and its rugged, reliable test and measurement tools have been trusted by professional electricians and HVAC technicians for over 70 years. Amprobe’s products range from an extensive line of clamp meters and digital multimeters to industry-specific tools for residential/commercial electricians, HVAC/R technicians, utilities, and industrial maintenance professionals. The company has made its name in one of the top megohmmeter manufacturers in the world.

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B&K Precision

B&KB&K Precision’s products are used in a wide range of applications including design, research and development, production line testing, industrial maintenance, and electronic field service. B&K Precision test and measurement instruments are standard equipment in a large number of universities and technical schools which train future engineers and technicians. B&K Precision was founded in 1951 and is headquartered in Yorba Linda, California. The company is one of the top megohmmeter manufacturers in the world.

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DESCOOne of the top megohmmeter manufacturers in the world, DESCO (Delta Electrical Specialty Company) primarily manufactures products in the United States of America with additional manufacturing in our United Kingdom and Japan facilities.

Their core product groups are manufactured for ESD control in electronics manufacturing areas. These product groups include component rework machines, bags, wrist straps, work surface and floor matting, laminates, foot grounders, smocks, gloves, flooring, ionizers, data acquisition, continuous monitors, testers, tape, dispensing bottles, document holders, specialty tools, and other workbench accessories. The company also manufactures non-ESD products, including chemicals, grounding, personnel identification, material handling, and training products.

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ExtechExtech’s auto-ranging megohmmeter measures insulation resistance up to 2000MΩ. Choice of 250, 500, or 1000VDC test voltages. The large backlit dual display indicates test voltage output and insulation resistance. Low resistance, continuity, and AC/DC voltage measurement functions. Other features include automatic discharge at the end of the test, a protective holster withstands, a power lock-on feature and data hold. Complete with test leads, carrying case, and 6 AA batteries. The company has made its name one of the top megohmmeter manufacturers in the world.

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IET Labs

IETIET Labs manufactures the 1865 + Megohmmeter/IR tester, with digital display, which is used for high accuracy measurements of insulation resistance on a wide variety of components, materials and electronic devices. Resistance values greater than 100 TΩ can be measured with a basic accuracy of 0.5% at DC voltages up to 1000 V.

A programmable limit makes the megohmmeter ideal for pass/fail testing in a production environment and is also adaptable for use in automated system applications with its included RS-232 Interface or optional IEEE-488 interface adapter. The company has made its name in one of the top megohmmeter manufacturers in the world.

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SimpsonOne of the top megohmmeter manufacturers in the world, Simpson has a  Model 505 High Voltage Insulation Tester or Megohmmeter  is capable of measuring insulation resistances from 10 kilohms to 1 teraohm with eight selectable test voltages up to 5000 V. As a safety feature, the insulation tester acts as an AC/DC voltmeter to measure the absence of voltage in networks up to 2000 V.

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Klein Tools

kleinBy providing a wide range of megohmmeters, Klein Tools has made its name as one of the top megohmmeter manufacturers in the world.

It continues to invest in U.S. manufacturing and is committed to maintaining its place as the favorite among electricians.

Klein is the only major tool manufacturer worldwide focused on electrical and utility applications. No other manufacturer of hand tools and related products used in electrical applications makes more items in America than Klein Tools.

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