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Top Power Management IC Companies Listed Down for 2020

PMICsPower management ICs are increasingly becoming important and driving the latest demand in the technology sector. With high growth parameters expected for the Power management ICs market, the estimated growth is logged to USD 34.86 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 8.08% from 2016 to 2022. Voltage regulators in portable applications such as smartphones are the drivers for the Power Management ICs market. The power management ICs market is transforming with power-efficient and high-performance products are been developed to cater to the portable electronics segment.

Automation in automobiles and leading innovation in IoT is also introducing up-to-date applications for the power management ICs market.

Below we list down five (5) leading Power management IC companies which are driving the market through their next-gen offerings and innovations:

Analog Devices

Analog Devices is one of the pioneers in the Power management ICs domain. Delivering a compact, highly-integrated and reliable product portfolio makes it a vital player for power management ICs. Analog Devices power management integrated circuits (PMICs) comes with battery chargers or USB power managers helping address battery charging. The Analog Devices PMICs also provide multiple system rails in portable products, all in a compact form factor. Analog Devices powered Linear power management ICs provide high-performance solutions for power conversion applications.


NXP has been a leading player in the Power management ICs domain. It has vast offering and portfolio to cater the Power management ICs demand. NXP portfolio for advanced power technologies provides dedicated ICs focusing for industrial and automotive applications. NXP safety and power management ICs help optimize power control to provide efficient energy management for vehicles today and in the future. Watch out for this leading semiconductor company in this segment.

Renesas Electronics

Another leading semiconductor company foraying its expertise in the power management ICs segment is Renesas Electronics. Renesas’ power management ICs (PMICs) delivers integrated circuits help perform various functions related to power requirements of a host system. Renesas states a PMIC may have a combination of the following functions: DC to DC conversion, battery charging, linear regulation, power sequencing and other miscellaneous system power functions. Renesas provides superior power management systems to a much broader set of applications.

Dialog Semiconductors

Dialog semiconductors have been a major player offering a diverse portfolio of power management ICs. Catering to major markets, Dialog semiconductors’ Power management ICs have a major chunk of the market share. Dialog Semiconductors highly integrated PMIC subsystems come with a wide selection of supply domains, mobile peripheral and interface drivers optimized to support mobile application processors. Reliability and design simplicity is Dialog Semiconductors PMICs core virtue.

Cypress Semiconductor

What a strategic merger it has been for the semiconductor industry with Infineon acquiring Cypress. The low-power and highly-integrated capability make Cypress Semiconductors Power management ICs the best in the lot. Cypress Semiconductors PMICs helps design compact solutions. And comes perfectly in lower-power and portable electronics demands. The easy-to-design Cypress Semiconductors integrates multiple power management regulators, serial communication interfaces and various features for System Safety Functions also minimizes board space. Cypress power management ICs simplify system designs by reducing external discrete components.

Above are our top five(5) companies playing an instrumental role in the power management ICs segment. If you think we have missed any of the top companies or shall suffice in this list, do write down to us.


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