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Top Renewable Startups in India

Renewable-2Alike other sectors, startups have been an integral part helping in the growth of Renewable sector in India. As everyone knows, renewable works by using natural sources processes that are constantly replenished, so many companies have invested in this industry. In the last article, we had mentioned top renewable companies in India  which have already marked their presence in the industry. Today, we have enlisted top renewable startups in India just for your good reads;

Avaada Energy

Avaada has an aim to create a sustainable future by working for the benefit of the environment and all our communities. The company is committed to deliver clean and sustainable energy for all. As a team, it possess the expertise cultivated over years of building and operating some of the largest solar and wind projects in India. AVAADA is now on the way to innovate and create new paradigms in Clean-tech. These reasons are enough to make it one of the top renewable startups in India.

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Renewables-energyCygni Energy

One of the top renewable startups in India, Cygni Energy based in Hyderabad is a New Age Energy Generation, Storage, and Processing Technology Solutions Enterprise. It has the choicest of corporate and government clients, all delighted with offerings and services. Anyone can reach them for Electric Vehicles (2 Wheelers and 3 Wheelers) Smart BMS controlled Batteries and Rooftop Solar Hybrid Solutions.

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The Solarwale

Green Solarwale India is a high-tech enterprise primarily functioning in the fields of detailed and accurate analysis, implementation and maintenance; and conclusively academic and applied training in the fields of solar energy harnessing and utilization. This is achieved through a distinct and controlled timeline of activities custom designed to suit the requirements and restrictions specific to each site. Its management and style of work has made its name in one of the top renewable startups in India. Solar energy is one of the most abundant yet under-utilized sources of universally accessible energy, and we believe in becoming a key stakeholder in this development process across urban and rural India in harmony with the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.

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Wind-powerFreyr Energy

Freyr Energy was founded on the principles of making solar energy affordable and accessible for everyone and that’s make it one of the top renewable startups in India. In order to make adoption of solar energy a reality at the grass-root level, Freyr Energy has identified that consumer awareness, affordability and accessibility play an integral role. With its innovative platform, SunPro+, Freyr’s extensive channel-partner network and its efficient service ensure that these three factors are addressed to make sure your venture into solar energy is hassle-free.

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One of the top renewable startups in India, ZunRoof provides solar energy and IoT smart energy solutions for making next generation energy technology. ZunRoof will handle the energy harnessing, storage, maintenance, and consumption of electricity. They are focused on improving every part of the home using technology. The team is working every day to grow the share of residential solar all across the country to make solar a household utility for everyone.

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Earth Recycler

Earth Recycler is a pioneer in providing integrated environmental friendly services, solutions, strongly committed to protecting the environment by improving the communities in which it works and lives. Earth Recycler is equipped with a team of professionals who have proven expertise in developing sustainable and cost effective solutions for environmentally concerned clients and that has made it one of the top renewable startups in India. Earth Recycler’s recycling initiatives are custom designed for various sectors from corporate organizations, educational institutions and residential apartments to the community at large.

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NatureZolt Energy

Zolt Energy is a solar energy company that customers love. The company follows its responsibility for customers, employees, the community and the planet. Zolt Energy has a simple mission – “Solar on every roof” – and they are out to achieve it. Zolt Energy is a leader in the residential solar market and enables SMEs to save on their energy bills with clean energy. Its clean energy campaign and dedication towards customers has made it one of the top renewable startups in India.

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Paterson Energy

Paterson Energy has a complete Green Technology as it has zero effluent and zero discharge from the plants that they employ. The excess fuel is collected in a ballon and is routed back into the reactor as a heating agent. Chennai based circular economy start-up, Paterson Energy recycling plastic waste into quality Plastic Oil using a continuous type Thermochemical Depolymerization Technology, with a processing capacity of 3TPD – 20TPD (Tons /Day). It is a zero effluent and zero discharge process. The fabulous formulas and upgraded facilities have made it one of the top renewable startups in India.

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