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Top Robotic Players in Agritech Sector

RoboIn today’s world, where everything has been taken over by automation, so why agriculture sector will stay away. The merger of agriculture and technology, which uses machine to enhance the procedures, is known as agritech.  Here, we are not only talking about technology but also automation. By using different automatic systems, agriculture industry has seen tremendous growth. Now, the time has come when people has started making robots to make farming more convenient and easier for farmers. Agritech industry is booming since few years with the launch of numerous startups. The Covid-19 pandemic has boomed the business of agritech startups.  According to a report by Tracxn, between January to August 2021, agritech startups in India raised $426 million, across 38 deals, over three times more than the 2020. Here, we have enlisted top robotic startups in agritech sector.

Tartan Sense

Whenever someone talks about robots in agritech sector, so Tartan Sense comes first in the list. They have two products, which already have made its name in the industry.  The company provides two in one AI Powered robot that mechanically removes weeds and precisely sprays chemicals.

Ibex Automation

One of the top robotic startups in agritech sector, Ibex Automation develops autonomous agricultural robot systems for farmers, including an autonomous precision weed detection and spraying system for use in grassland.   Ibex Automation Ltd was created from an InnovateUK project which prototyped this technology, and continues to develop it through collaborative R&D to bring it closer to real-world use.


The RoBoPlant makes manual planting of chrysanthemums a thing of the past; a fully automatic peat blocks planting machine, it is most popular among growers of chrysanthemums. The machine automatically takes peat blocks out of the boxes, separates them and plants them in the chosen pattern into the holes of the hoist netting. In addition to reducing the work load, the fully automatic planting machine delivers a high, uniform plant quality. Growth is improved and more even as a result, which maximizes the return on your crop. Moreover, the even growth facilitates the harvest work. It is also for this reason that lower amounts of plant protection products are required during cultivation. This company is also one of the top robotic startups in agritech sector.

RobotIntello Labs

One of the top robotic startups in agritech sector, Intello Labs is digitizing the quality assessment of fresh fruits and vegetables. Their technology transforms quality processes, making them objective, efficient, and less wasteful. From growers to packers, from exporters to food services, anyone can use their smart, scalable solutions to digitize food quality, achieve fair pricing and reduce food wastage. Intello Labs gives you the edge you need to make a food.

Unnati Agritech

With an agenda to empower farmers with digital technologies which bring efficiencies in their farm business, Unnati Agritech has made its name in one of the top robotic startups in agritech sector. This startup has made its name because of several reasons. Apart from providing automating services, they also guide farmers throughout their farming lifecycle giving them key insights using Artifical Intelligence on right application of products, right timing of application and arrange for an optimal agri input basket at most cost-effective prices.


WayCool Foods & Products Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s fastest growing Agri-Tech companies, driving social impact while transforming India’s food economy. Founded in July 2015, WayCool aims to build the world’s largest food development and distribution services company and positively impact the lives of 500,000 farmers. With this goal, WayCool’s operation has spread across product sourcing, food processing, branding and marketing, last mile distribution, and farm inputs. This gives WayCool end-to-end control over the food value chain. WayCool is also one of the top robotic startups in agritech sector.


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