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Smart Parking and its Major Players

‘Parking’ or ‘No Parking’ board we found almost everywhere, which has been followed by few people and few just ignored. Searching a spot for parking is a major issue and for most of the people, it has become a headache of daily life. Numbers of cars have been selling everyday and as a result, nobody gets the space for parking. Searching parking spot is frustrating, which literally waste your time and energy. In order to resolve such issues, Smart Parking becomes a best solution.

Smart parking provides several solutions that includes in-ground Smart Parking sensors, cameras or counting sensors. These devices are usually embedded into parking spots or positioned next to them to detect whether parking bays are free or occupied. Not only that, some companies offer in-app information, where you can get to know about the parking prices and locations. Hence, smart parking has become the necessity of the society. While seeing such demands, many companies have invested in smart parking solutions. So, here we have enlisted top smart parking companies in India;

Get My Parking

Whenever you search for a smart parking company or top smart parking companies in India, Get My Parking comes first in the list. Founded by Chirag Jain and Rasik Pansare, Get My Parking (GMP) with a strong foundation of the team, technology, and partnerships is creating a future-proof parking platform to connect the parking industry internally as well as with urban mobility players. The company has uncountable achievements. GMP is an award-winning provider of an Interoperable Smart Parking Platform that connects all parking and mobility stakeholders operating in silos.

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ParkingRhino is also one of the top smart parking companies in India. ParkingRhino is solving operators and parking facility owner’s problem of business automation, revenue management and real-time and historical information parking usage of parking lots. ParkingRhino’s Smart Parking Platform combines the power of Mobile, IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics to deliver value to its parking operator partners and parking facility owners. By leveraging Business Intelligence tools as well as its patent pending parking availability prediction algorithm, ParkingRhino provides a wide range of rich information to its parking operator partners and facility owners.

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CAR-PARKSmart City Parking

Delhi based Smart City Parking has established itself in November 2019 and from that time it began rolling out an all-encompassing ‘one-stop’ parking management and enforcement measures at the 1500-acre Mahindra World City in Chennai, as the first stage of an exclusive partnership with the Mahindra Lifestyle Group. Smart City parking has also achieved its name in one of top smart parking companies in India.

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Secure Parking

As its name defines its quality, so how one can stop it to enter in one of top smart parking companies in India. Secure parking approach has always been entrepreneurial. It is based on the understanding that no two car parks have the same requirement, and that each car park should be treated as a retail business. As a result, they have developed a series of unique systems and operating strategies that are specifically designed to maximize each car park’s revenue and assets potential.

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ValetEZ is a smart parking and mobility solutions firm that designs solutions to manage parking spaces and eliminate the pain that vehicle owners face every day when parking in their city. Its parking platform can be deployed on parking lots of any size and provide a real time view to parking lot owners and users, bringing a high level of efficiency and reliability to the overall experience. With its platform, users, parking space owners, and cities can benefit from: Real time view of parking infrastructure, Transparency and security in parking charges and service delivery, Flexibility in managing and accessing parking spaces, Data analytics on parking utilization. These qualities are enough to make it one of the top smart parking companies in India.

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VersionX has numerous products but its smart parking solutions have made its name in one of the top smart parking companies in India. VersionX’s Smart Parking System is a unique parking management solution. Suitable for all types of parking areas, it digitizes end-to end parking processes including multi-tenant, multi-level parking. It is integrated with visitor management system, FASTag, and access control hardware. Extremely useful for shared parking spaces, the solution automates day-to-day processes such as auto-identifying appropriate parking slots – be it reserved or pay-and-park, auto-generating parking tickets, levying penalties, and many more.

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