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Top SMUs Manufacturers in the World

KeithleyAn instrument that has a sourcing function and a measurement function on the same pin or connector is known as a source measure unit (SMU). This product can provide voltage or current as well as to measure voltage and/or current simultaneously. Source measure test applications require high accuracy, high resolution and measurement flexibility. Such applications include I-V characterizing and testing semiconductors and other non-linear devices and materials, where sourcing voltage and current source span across both positive and negative values. While focusing on the same, we have mentioned top SMUs manufacturers in the world;

Keithley Instruments

Keithley has a worldwide name for its wide range of SMUs. The Source Measure Unit (SMU) is an instrument that can precisely source voltage or current and simultaneously measure voltage and/or current.

All into a single, tightly synchronized instrument in a compact form factor. And SMUs don’t compromise on accuracy because of the multiple functionalities either. In fact, due to the measuring instrument’s versatility and high accuracy performance, SMUs are considered more useful than the combination of any of the five instruments. The company has made its name in one of the top SMUs manufacturers in the world.

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KeysightKeysight is also one of the top SMUs manufacturers in the world. Keysight provides a wide range of source measure units (SMU) from precision, application-specific, general-purpose, to basic instruments. Keysight SMUs precisely force and simultaneously measure voltage and/or current. Keysight Technologies is the leader in the SMU market. Keysight provides PXI SMU products, which are categorized into two areas: precision and high-speed. They offer high-throughput and measurement quality. Keysight high-speed SMUs deliver industry-leading output stability under extreme, dynamic load conditions and unmatched transient performance to dramatically reduce voltage drop due to pulse loading for faster test time for design validation and production test of RF power amplifiers.

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