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Top SoC (System on Chip) Technology in 2022

Riding on the demand of the market, one of the most emerging trends that are gaining instant popularity is Top System on Chip (SoC) Technology and the extensive SoC Applications that fabricate a whole system on a single chip.

Top SoC (System on Chip) TechnologyEncompassed with digital devices all around, we can no longer deny the extreme Role of Top System on Chip (SoC) Technology that are driving the digital device market as devices are becoming smaller and more featured as the days pass by.

Marking more than forty years since the inception of the system on chip, the two things that are driving the designers up the wall is how to miniaturize and integrate maximum components possible on a single chip.

Against this constant struggle, integrated circuits are increasingly becoming more complex and expensive since the semiconductor market began to embrace new design and reusable methodologies to manage the increased complexity inherent in large chips with maximum integration.

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