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Most in Demand Tech Skills in India 2022

According to the latest report, 50% of all employees will be required to reskill by 2025 as the adoption of new generation technology increases.

Top Tech Skills in Demand in India 2022In this era of high-speed technological advancements, businesses thrive on the latest reforms and trends of the market to satisfy the needs of their consumers.

Pandemic times have deeply impacted the mindsets of these businesses as well as warned these enterprises of how things will never remain the same as new norms got established at those times to become the reality.

However, onboarding of new talents with new superior technology skills and talent remains a big issue as the workforce fall short of these skills with heavy numbers.

This has led to delays in adopting new technology, and services and loss of business opportunities for these organizations as they failed to advance according to the times.

According to the latest report, 50% of all employees will be required to reskill by 2025 as the adoption of new generation technology increases.

Easier said than done, right!

As digital transformation is painting a new reality in the world of technology in place of obsolete ones, it is essential for the tech professionals, especially in the fast-paced developing country like India, to keep learning, unlearning, and relearning new skills according to the market needs.

In other words, emerging technologies are now redesigning the original structure of how operations are done in India and are ushering in a new era of Top Tech Skills in Demand in India 2022 while pushing the existing workforce towards the need to acquire new in-demand skills to adapt according to the industry needs.

Creating a new set of roles and responsibilities in businesses to drive profitability and optimize resources, we have brought together a comprehensive set of Top Tech Skills in Demand in India 2022 that will be highly coveted by young professionals to survive in India.

Top Tech Skills in Demand in India 2022

Though IT skills like software development, data science and app development have become a personal favorite of many budding engineers, 2022 can be considered to drive age of next-generation Top Tech Skills in Demand in India 2022 and will include,


Top Tech Skills in DemandConsidered the highest sought-after job of this century in this data-driven world where hackers run rampant in today’s society, cybersecurity comes at the apex of the list of Top Tech Skills in Demand in India 2022.

India has been ranked third in the world in the severity of data breaches, according to the latest report. Pandemic times saw a waterfall of cyber security breaches in highly secured databases of big corporations, that alerted the industry of how short of cyber security professionals we currently are to defend our enterprises, government and even private networks.

This global shortage of cybersecurity professionals has, therefore, created a new nexus of an in-demand market for young professionals to build career-advancing skill sets in this area.

Networking and Wireless 

2020 and 2021 saw one of the biggest overflows of digital users of the decade as the market of smart wireless devices soared to an all-time high in remote working times.

The networking and wireless market are now considered a huge potential business that requires a new skilled workforce and is thus placed on the list of Top Tech Skills in Demand in India 2022.

The career of a wireless network engineer requires strong analytical and problem-solving skills with deep knowledge of all aspects of network technology.

Similarly, a background in wireless equipment, standards, protocols and WLAN design is also considered ideal that needs to be acquired for upskilling in this emerging technology.


Top Tech Skills in India 2022Another emerging skill set that comes up in the list of Top Tech Skills in Demand in India 2022 is the requirement of DevOps engineer who plays a multi-faceted role. These skilled engineers are responsible for bridging the work gap between the development and operations teams which is done by combining software development, and IT operations coupled with high software quality.

This specific job profile allows collaboration between software developers, SysOps and IT staff to ensure that all codes are released and deployed efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AISecuring its place in the list of Top Tech Skills in Demand in India 2022, AI/ML skills will be in high demand as more and more companies strive toward data analytics and big data to satisfy their user base.

AI and machine learning skills allow the identification of similar patterns and trends that humans can’t see or process using traditional methods to automate the work seamlessly.

The main aim to deploy these AI-based solutions is to equip machines or systems to act independently without the requirement of repeated programmer coding.

Wrapping Up

Summing up the whole set of Top Tech Skills in Demand in India 2022, many organizations are striving to recruit a skilled workforce among their barracks to strengthen their businesses according to the current market needs.

So, though IT skills like programming, software developers, cloud computing and many more are still very much in demand, these upcoming tech skills will decide the future of how fast India will grow in the next few years.


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