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Technologies That Will Shape the Metaverse!

For the metaverse to flourish, the integration of next-gen technologies is a must and the Top Technologies Shaping Metaverse will play a key role in making Metaverse a reality.

Top Technologies Shaping MetaverseEnshrouded in multiple controversies, Mark Zukerberg’s highly hyped rebranding created a new class of never-ending debate on whether we should welcome the concept of Metaverse or is it the start of the biggest global privacy invasion.

And though the word Metaverse entered common usage till we bid last year goodbye, people are still wary of this budding concept in 2022 as many big corporations have decided to ignore this new technology altogether.

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Termed as a 3D digital world, Metaverse encompasses the world of virtual spaces that one can explore using a digital avatar you create in an RPG game. Considering some popular concepts already integrated into the gaming world, people can play games, hang out with friends at a virtual coffee shop, go shopping and work with colleagues in a virtual office.

Unlike video games that offer a limited immersive environment to its users, Metaverse encapsulates a wide variety of technologies that will surpass any game-based reality.

For the metaverse to flourish, the integration of next-gen technologies is a must and the Top Technologies Shaping Metaverse will play a key role in making Metaverse a reality.

Although the launch of a fully developed 3D digital world, may take a few decades as quoted by Meta’s owner Zukerberg, a few major corporations have started developing their businesses around Metaverse while adding some Metaverse-based elements.

Let’s talk about some of the Top Technologies Shaping Metaverse that will drive its movement from vision to reality.

Top Technologies Shaping Metaverse

Powering the Metaverse in a new light, the Top Technologies Shaping Metaverse are as follows,

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Bringing a new sense of security with its highly secured network, coming at the top of the list of Top Technologies Shaping Metaverse is the integration of Blockchain and cryptocurrency in it.

Based on decentralized and transparent solutions, blockchain and cryptocurrency can potentially incentivize people to work in the metaverse with more companies considering the idea of remote working, we might witness metaverse-related jobs being offered in the future.

AR/VR Technologies

Top Technologies in MetaverseAnother next-gen technology that comes under Top Technologies Shaping Metaverse, Augmented and Virtual Realities will serve as a major stepping stone for Metaverse as they are already the core of how people will use these entry points to the virtual world.

With new developments happening in VR, it is likely to expand the metaverse experience to involve physical simulations with VR equipment. Considering the concept of the metaverse, we can expect more metaverse-related companies to invest in AR and VR equipment soon.

3D Modeling

MetaverseIncorporating another Top Technologies Shaping Metaverse, the presence of 3D Modeling or reconstruction will serve as a prime example of how people will integrate themselves into the virtual world.

Quoting a recent example of an India as well as Asia’s first metaverse wedding reception, the virtual wedding was hosted by newlyweds as the couple wanted to avoid coronavirus-related restrictions on their big day.

The groom, working in blockchain technology and the bride being an IT professional, were self-professed “Potterheads”, that created a Hogwarts-themed metaverse for the reception using help from a tech start-up called TardiVerse.

This is a prime example of how 3D Modeling enabled the creation of digital avatars of the couple and the 3,000 people who attended that reception.

Artificial Intelligence

Technologies Shaping MetaverseTaking the concept of Metaverse to the forefront, another big name in the list of Top Technologies Shaping Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an important technology that will be working behind the scenes to make the magic happen.

If you want a complete integration detail on how AI will expand its capabilities in Metaverse, you can check out my other article, “Combining Artificial Intelligence with Metaverse – What’s Next?”.

Under the Top Technologies Shaping Metaverse, AI in Metaverse can be leveraged to create the non-player characters (NPCs) as with AI’s processing abilities, NPCs can be placed across the 3D spaces to enable lifelike conversations with users or can be utilized to perform other specific tasks. An AI NPC can also enable its user to converse in several different languages.

Internet of Everything (IoE)

Integrating another next-gen technology in the list of Top Technologies Shaping Metaverse, we can feed our XR systems and the metaverse with data and interactions relevant for the user.

The Internet of Everything (IoE) enables the user to control other systems beyond our XR system while avoiding the limitation of voice commands using virtual assistants, thus adding another name in Top Technologies Shaping Metaverse.

Wrapping Up

As mentioned repeatedly in my previous metaverse articles, though the Metaverse has been subjected to various criticisms over the control big tech companies might have over our personal lives, it doesn’t mean that connected virtual experiences are actively invading our privacy all the time.

If utilized ethically and responsibly, Metaverse can genuinely help consumers while multiplying the revenue rates of our businesses.


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