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Top Ten Prominent Thyristors Manufacturers of World

The global Thyristors market size is projected to reach USD 1155.5 million by 2026, from USD 934.6 million in 2020, at a CAGR of 3.6% during 2021-2026. A high speed switching device Thyristor is used in AC power control and AC/DC switching, including triacs and SCRs (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers).

ThyristorsThyristors are a semiconductor device with four layers of alternating P- and N-type materials. It comes in three categories: anode (positive terminal), cathode (negative terminal), and gate (control terminal). Thyristor, a semiconductor device with four layers of alternating P- and N-type materials, acts exclusively as a bistable switch, conducting when the gate receives a current trigger, and continuing to conduct until the voltage across the device is reversed biased, or until the voltage is removed.

Below Enlisted are Top Ten Thyristor Manufacturers


STMicroelectronics is not known for its MEMS and sensors offerings as ST has a vast portfolio and focus into thyristors. ST has 46,000 creators and makers of semiconductor technologies, devices, and solutions in which thyristors are kept as a major focus. ST with their team and partner, designs and builds products, solutions and ecosystems addressing sustainability and resource management challenges.

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Vishay Intertechnology

Vishay Intertechnology known as a best provider of electronic components for macroeconomic growth drivers such as connectivity, mobility, and sustainability. Though to known, Vishay has a major focus into thyristors and offers a wide portfolio. Vishay through its R&D, engineering, quality programs, and sales initiatives, it generates a steady stream of innovative components of thyristors.

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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is one of the affluent names in the technology space. The European multinational company, Schneider Electric provides energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. Schneider Electric addresses homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries, by combining energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services. The company offers a wide portfolio of Thyristors catering to advanced demands.

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Central Semiconductor

Not only offering advanced semiconductors, Central Semiconductor produces a huge range of thyristors. Central Semiconductor has excellent services in customising, special, and other niche products and services.  Through their thyristors technology, Central Semiconductor caters customers in their diverse design demands. Central Semiconductor constantly develops new products to meet customers’ ever-changing requirements, as well as industry trends.

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GeneSiC Semiconductor

The famous company of Silicon Carbide technology, GeneSiC Semiconductor is a manufacturer of industrial and defense systems. Not just SiC technology, GeneSiC Semiconductor plays an instrumental role in offering thyristors. GeneSiC technology helps conserve energy in a wide array of high power systems. Its thyristors technology enables future of electronic demands.
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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, widely known as TSMC is a Taiwanese multinational is well known for its semiconductor contract manufacturing and designing. The Taiwanese semiconductor giant, TSMC also keeps its leadership in offering thyristors. TSMC aims to provide a complete solution from one source. TSMC is the first foundry to provide 5-nanometer production capabilities and has been saliently advancing to offer next-gen thyristors.

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WeEn Semiconductor

WeEn Semiconductor focuses on developing a wide and deep portfolio of industry-leading bipolar power products including silicon carbide diodes, thyristors. WeEn Semiconductor thyristors are industry-leading and caters to vast market dynamics.  Lately, WeEn Semiconductor has expanded its focus into thyristors and has been leading with its portfolio.

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Diodes Incorporated

The global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products, Diodes Incorporated is a well-known expert in delivering and catering Thyristors. Offering massive value to customers and emerging as a delivering next-gen innovation, Thyristors are their new pocket magic for the market.  Planning to help designers with new-age complex designs, Diodes incorporated is leading their way in offering the best in product thyristors.

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Sensata Technologies

Sensata Technologies is an early innovator in mission-critical sensors and controls. Helping now not just to keep the world cleaner and connected, Sensata Technologies is developing their market by offering high-end thyristors. Their thyristors are developed to meet new demands of the market and help designers in their complete deisgn cycle. You’ll find their 47,000 unique products in many applications – anywhere from automotive braking systems to aircraft flight controls.

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Shindengen Electric

Among all leading thyristor manufacturers, Shindengen Electric Manufacturing is the name which comes in the league. For long it has drawn experience and expertise in developing modern age thyristors. Also, Shindengen Electric is known for its offerings in power semiconductor devices, electric power systems, automotive electronics products and solenoid products.

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