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Top Emerging Robotics Trends in 2022

Starting the year with a bang, the tech show of CES 2022 was just a preview of how Top Trends in Robotics 2022 will become the major focus of this year.

TrendsEmerging as one of the most sought-after fields of innovation, the Robotics industry has shown its highest peak in sales since its inception either in its sales or technological advancements.

Described as an interdisciplinary market that touches a majority of industries, market experts have seen a rapid evolution of robots and Top Trends in Robotics in 2022 has been expected to place a significant dent in the history of robotics.

Fueled by the end of a pandemic era that brought several aftereffects in the tech world, either due to supply chain issues, shortage of labor or the constant fear of contraction of virus, the robotics industry has surprisingly given us a brief peek into the world of next generation.

Dominating this year’s CES 2022 show while highlighting innovations at every step, Robots and automation have become the core focus of major start-ups and enterprises.

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Starting the year with a bang, the tech show of CES 2022 was just a preview of how Top Trends in Robotics 2022 will become the major focus of this year.

With a high prediction of manufacturing industrial robots up to two million new units around the world by the end of 2022, let us check out some of the Top Trends in Robotics 2022, that will define the direction of the robotics market in the coming years.

Top Trends in Robotics in 2022

Compiling some of the Top Trends in Robotics in 2022 that will redefine the market this year, includes,

Surge of AI Robots

Top Trends in RoboticsCounted as the next generation of robotics ascension in the sector, various functionalities and specialized work performances will become a part of robotics using AI or machine learning.

Leveraged to improve work efficiency and effectiveness, some of the notable markets that will be impacted by AI Robots will be healthcare, automotive, warehousing, agriculture, and especially supply chain management. Therefore, predicted as one of the Top Trends in Robotics in 2022.

Robotics as a Service (RaaS)

Top Trends in Robotics in 2022Known as one of the biggest restrictions for smaller firms to integrate robotics in their manufacturing facilities, lack of employee expertise and absence of high initial investment has always been posed as a big challenge.

Nevertheless, with the everything-as-a-service (XaaS) trend on the rise, these issues have ceased to exist as companies are now able to leverage RPA through Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) models. Thus, coming up as one of the Top Trends in Robotics in 2022.

Delivery Robots Growth

Infusing a new life in one of the biggest markets of the world, delivery robots have shined last year with the onset of the lockdown era.

Topping the charts as one of the Top Trends in Robotics in 2022, the current market for delivery robots is forecasted to grow from a value of €188M in 2021 to nearly €850M by 2026. With an increased demand for delivery robots in the retail as well as food and beverage industries, the era of delivery robots has just begun.

Rise of Cobots

Regarded as one of the Top Trends in Robotics in 2022, cobots are the most popular developments in robotics and electrical engineering.

The use of collaborative bots, often known as cobots, is meant to operate alongside humans safely and effectively.

Utilizing the sensitivity of these bots, one can instantly detect changes in their work environment using powerful sensors and software, allowing them to respond as needed while keeping people safe.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

According to its name, RPA is one of the most common robotic technologies for businesses to deal with a large number of repetitive tasks.

Giving a common example of RPA, as hospitals have to deal with manual invoicing, appointment scheduling, and inventory management on a daily and monthly basis, every one of these tasks can be easily automated through RPA. Thus, securing its name in the list of Top Trends in Robotics in 2022.

Smart Factories

Top Robotics in 2022As the emergence of contactless services becomes a new norm in this modern world, integration of IoT with robotics while maintaining Smart Factories is seen as one of the Top Trends in Robotics in 2022.

With an acute gap in the supply chain due to manufacturing issues that occurred during the lockdown period, many manufacturers are now showing their interest in making their new factories into smart ones as assembly lines will then be supported by industrial robotics and automated solutions.

Robots and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) will, therefore, interact smartly in the future, and will need less maintenance and human involvement.


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