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Toshiba’s latest e.MMC v5.1 compliant NAND flash memory products launched

Toshiba has launched its latest JEDEC e∙MMC v5.1 compliant embedded NAND flash memory products with “command queuing” and “secure write protection” features. These new products have been designed for application in a wide range of digital consumer products like smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.

Toshiba e.MMC v5.1

Key Features:

  1. Integrated NAND chips fabricated with company’s cutting-edge 15nm generation process technology with a controller
  2. “Command queuing” feature to process multiple tasks generated by the user’s issue of multiple commands, in the order of the user’s preference, by initially storing the tasks in a waiting queue. Further, it improves random read performance speed by approx.30% at max. compared to existing Toshiba products
  3. “Secure write protection” feature helps expanding the conventional write protect feature and protects the user’s important data stored in an assigned area from being overwritten or erased by unauthenticated users

Last year in October, the Japanese firm launched its first e∙MMC products with all compulsory features of JEDEC e∙MMC Version 5.1, which was officially issued by JEDEC on February 24, 2015.

Now, these latest additions to the line-up support two optional features of e∙MMC v5.1, “command queuing” and “secure write protection.”

Demand continues to grow for NAND flash memory that can support applications such as smartphones and tablets. This includes embedded memories with a controller which minimizes development requirements and ease integration into system designs. Toshiba is meeting this demand by reinforcing its line-up of high performance and high density memory products and will continue to take leadership in the market, the press release states.

Sample shipment of the 16GB and 64GB products will start from 30th March and 32GB and 128GB products to follow.



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