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Toshiba Launches Constant-Current 2-Phase Stepping Motor Driver

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched “TB9120AFTG,” a constant-current 2-phase stepping motor driver for automotive applications. The new IC outputs a sine-wave current using only a simple clock input interface, with no need for an advanced functional MCU or dedicated software.

Toshiba TB9120AFTG was developed as a successor to TB9120FTG, introduced in 2019 as Toshiba’s first automotive stepping motor driver, and provides improved noise resistance.

TB9120AFTG incorporates DMOS FETs with low on-resistance (upper + lower = 0.8Ω (typ.)), which achieve a maximum current of 1.5A[1]. Both the DMOS FETs and the controller that generates micro-stepping sine waves (supporting up to 1/32 steps) are housed in a small QFN type package (6.0 mmx6.0 mm).

The new IC delivers an operating temperature range of -40 to 125℃, and meets AEC-Q100, a certified standard for electronic components for automotive applications.

It is suited to a wide range of automotive general applications using stepping motors, such as adjustment of the projection position of heads-up displays, and in the expansion valves of refrigerant circuits.


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