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Toshiba Launches One-Gate Logic Devices with Single Power Supply

Single-supply design simplifies board layout in voltage-level translation applications

7UL1G Toshiba has launched a lineup of 31 single power supply one-gate logic devices that support low voltage operation.

The new “7UL1G series,” suitable for down translation to 0.9V, and “7UL1T series,” for up translation from 1.8V to 3.3V, allows users to more easily design voltage-level translation used for data communication control on devices with multiple power supply systems.

The 7UL1G series support down translation to 0.9V, and the 7UL1T series support up translation from 1.8V to 3.3V, realizing simplified logic-level and voltage-level translation in multiple power supply systems.

7UL1G series devices operate with a 0.9V to 3.6V power supply, and their input terminals are 3.6V-tolerant. When used with a 0.9V power supply, down translation to 0.9V combined with logic-level translation of 0.9V to 3.6V input signals can be provided by a single device.

7UL1T series devices operate with a power supply of 2.3V to 3.6V, and their input threshold voltage are set to 50% or less of the power supply voltage. When used with a 3.3V power supply, up translation to 3.3V combined with logic-level translation of 1.8V to 3.6V input signals can be provided by a single device.

Toshiba’s current products require a level shifter with two power supplies (input-side and output-side power supplies) to implement up translation for a low voltage system of 3.3V or less. The new 7UL1T series allows users to implement voltage-level translation with a single power supply, allowing easier design of voltage-level translation circuits with no concerns about the power-on sequence or voltage restriction between the two power supplies—a restriction when a two-power-supply level shifter is used.

In addition to the industry-standard USV package, the fSV package, the industry’s smallest lead-type package is available, contributing to space saving in products.

The Key Applications of the device include:

Data communication control circuits of devices with multiple power supply systems, including smartphones, tablets, laptop PCs, digital cameras, POS and IoT equipment.

The Major Features of the series include: 

• Voltage-level translation with a single power supply for low voltage systems:
Down translation from 3.6V input to 0.9V output (7UL1G series)
Up translation from 1.65V input to 3.6V output (7UL1T series)
• Built-in power down protection function
• Two package types:

fSV package: The industry’s smallest lead-type package

[Package code: SOT953, 1.0×1.0×0.48 mm (typ.)]
General-purpose USV package: [Package code: SOT-353, 2.0×2.1×0.9 mm (typ.)]

Volume production and shipments start today.


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