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Toshiba Unveils Discrete IGBT Rated at 1350 V/30 A

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has launched a discrete IGBT rated at 1350 V/30 A, “GT30N135SRA,” for home appliances—such as IH cooking heaters, IH rice cookers and microwave ovens—that use voltage resonance circuits with AC200 V input, expanding its lineup.

Toshiba The new product GT30N135SRA features a collector current rating of 30 A, which is 1.5 times that of the existing product GT20N135SRA. This has led to an increase in its control power capacity to 2400 W.

And the typical collector-emitter saturation voltage has been reduced to 1.65 V and the typical diode forward voltage has been reduced to 1.75 V to reduce conduction loss. Together with the turn-off loss, this allows the total loss to be reduced.

This product suppresses short circuit current by suppressing saturation current as the existing product does. It can suppress the short circuit current of a resonance capacitor that is generated when the appliance is starting up.

It reduces the peak value of short circuit current by about 40 % as the existing product does and suppresses non-repetitive peak collector current to 260 A or lower.

GT30N135SRA is following the concept of the existing product, it can reduce the power consumption of equipment by reduction of conducting loss, and can suppress short circuit current.


Only for home appliance voltage resonance

  • IH rice cooker
  • IH cooking heater
  • Microwave oven, etc.


  • 6.5th generation RC structure (diode built-in)
  • Low collector-emitter saturation voltage: VCE (sat)=1.65 V (typ.) @IC=30 A, Ta=25 °C
  • Low diode forward voltage: VF=1.75 V (typ.) @IF=30 A, Ta=25 °C


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