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Pros-Cons of Location Tracking?

Location Tracking Technology and Tracking Devices are normally integrated with either GPS navigation or locations located on digital pictures and even for searching for businesses nearby using common apps.

Location Tracking TechnologyLocating a person in a blink of an eye is getting easier day by day as the places to hide in this connected world are getting scarcer.

Just like how children play hide and seek to locate a person by searching known places, the Location Tracking Technology of today’s world is getting smarter as it searches not only known places but also linked spaces that could be used by the user.

With cameras keeping an eye on every one of us at red lights, or in our workplaces, in stores and even at homes, the veil of hiding people and things is getting thinner as we are developing smarter and more connected interfaces and software.

Since these cameras are being augmented in Location Tracking Technology, tracking cars, cell phones and possibly any product we buy is also getting much easier than ever.

Location Tracking Technology and Tracking Devices Market is spreading its wings higher as the apps we use to ask to share their location for the accuracy of the app like Uber app or food delivery service apps, the user is required to keep the location tracker enabled to make the mobile app function better.

Leveraging this Location Tracking Technology and Tracking Devices helps organizations to streamline supply chains that seek to move products to the market faster as well as monitor assets to prevent any inventory loss.

Nonetheless, before divulging more perks of Location Tracking Technology and Tracing Devices, let’s start with what Location Tracking Technology is all about and what types of technologies integrate itself to make it more useful?

What is Location Tracking Technology?

Location TrackingThough the technology is self-explanatory as it means, we are going to break down the technology and its working in simpler terms.

Location + Tracking = Tracking the location of either an object or a person.

Or in technical terms, Location Tracking Technology can be defined as those technologies that can physically locate, electronically record and can precisely track the movement of anyone and anything as long as it exists in this connected world.

Strictly speaking, Location Tracking Technology is not just a single technology but is the convergence of several types of technologies that could be merged to create systems to track inventory, livestock and even vehicle fleets.

Location Tracking Technology and Tracking Devices are normally integrated with either GPS navigation or locations located on digital pictures and even for searching for businesses nearby using common apps.

Although location tracking goes hand in hand with smartphones since they come equipped with a GPS chip, there are also other ways where location tracking can be applied.

Location Tracking Technology and Tracking Devices Types

Tracking TechnologyAs mentioned above, Location Tracking Technology and Tracking Devices is always comprised of one or more than one type of technology, we are going to discuss some of the most popular types, that include,

Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPS or Global Positioning System is a set of complex systems that are utilized to achieve tracking position accuracies from 100 m to a few millimeters, depending on the equipment we use. Due to the high explosion of smartphones equipped with Assisted GPS (A-GPS) capabilities, GPS has exploded with a new market for location-based services.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio frequency identification or RFID is another type of tracking technology that works on radio signals that are transmitted and received via a tag. RFID tags are generally fitted with an antenna that will send and receive a radio signal to track an object’s location.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Normally used in large-scale location-tracking systems, GIS can capture, record, analyze and can even report geographic information.

QR Codes

Unlike other Location Tracking Technology and Tracking Devices, QR codes don’t have a passive or in the background tracking capability but are similar to the near-field communication (NFC) in some aspects as they need a proximity scan and can be utilized once the user opens up an app or scanner to make that scan.


Currently showing skyrocketing popularity due to its unique use, NFC can be defined as a type of RFID, that is conveniently built into most Android and Apple devices which can be used in a variety of payment and ticketing applications. Due to their inexpensive nature, NFC tags work in any contactless terminal with just a small range distance or close contact.

BLE Beacons

For places where data connectivity poses a challenge like in underground or labyrinthian buildings, the mesh network capability enabled by the Bluetooth standard allows the user to send tracking data and utilize beacons to send distress alerts directly over Bluetooth. And since the range of Bluetooth devices getting wider, the BLE beacons are becoming more popular in smart buildings.

Internet Tracking

Normally seen in spy thriller movies, Internet tracking is generally done to track IP Addresses of malicious users by a company or user to protect and secure the data.

Top GPS Tracking Companies in India

Since Location Tracking Technology and Tracking Devices are most popularly used as GPS, here are some popular enterprises that offer GPS Services in India.


Ruptela aims to offer tracking solutions for fleet management and GPS tracking since they were established in 2007. The company develop, design and manufacture every kind of product for fleet management and GPS tracking.


Leading in GPS Fleet Management products and services, the company was started in 1999 with a vision to develop and distribute hardware and software solutions for existing wireless network infrastructures.


Teltonika is considered a long-standing player in GPS tracking and vehicle networking solutions spanning 18 years. They offer a wide range of products to meet everyone’s needs while also offering a customized solution.


Specializing in GPS telematics hardware designing and manufacturing, the company is known for its firmware and hardware modifications as well as for customized product developments.


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