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TRAI releases information paper on exposure to EMF


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has published an Information paper regarding the increasing health hazards from the exposure to Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) from Mobile phones and their base stations. It is the India centric study and apart from the effects it also reveals that how we can approach to the issue of EMF radiation.

The report highlights that human beings are exposed to some form of EMF radiation daily. The report concluded, “In the context of the telecom industry, such radiation emanates from towers and mobile phones. The crux of the matter is that whenever regulations and standards are to be set to limit any possible harm that such radiation could have on human beings, such regulations and standards must have a scientific basis”. It report also highlighted that the EMF radiation has the power even to mutate the DNA and cause some serious diseases like cancer.

Recently, TRAI has given recommendations on introducing nationwide MNP by next year. TRAI has submitted its recommendations to the DoT, which now be submitted to the inter-ministerial panel of Telecom Commission for further consideration. The regulator has asked to provide six months of time to the telcos, so that they can make necessary technical changes to provide nationwide MNP service.


Heena Gupta

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