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Transcend Launches 256GB JetDrive Lite Expansion Cards For MacBook Laptops

Transcend Jet Drive

Transcend, a worldwide leader in storage and multimedia products, has launched its 256GB JetDrive Lite Series of expansion cards to instantly expand storage capacities of MacBook Laptops. JetDrive Lite expansion cards have been designed specifically for MacBook Pro with Retina display and MacBook Air users.

The JetDrive Lite 130/350/360 expansion cards are available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities while JetDrive Lite 330 cards are available in 64GB and 128GB capacities as yet. It’s worth mentioning that each 256GB card can store over 120,000 high-resolution photos, 64,000 mp3 songs, 64 hours of Full HD video, or unlimited number of documents. The key features of Transcend’s new JetDrive Lite expansion cards are mentioned below:

JetDrive Lite

Highlighted Features:

  1. With improved compatibility, Transcend’s new JetDrive Lite expansion cards can be used on a wider variety of models.
  2. JetDrive Lite expansion cards provide plenty of space to backup, store and carry personal documents, photos, movies and music.
  3. When inserted into the SD card slot of a compatible MacBook Pro with Retina display or MacBook Air, the low-profile JetDrive Lite will not stick out like an SD card and can be left in place for on-the-go storage, the website notes.
  4. Manufactured with reliable, top-tier MLC NAND flash chips, the expansion cards boast blazing fast read and write speeds of up to 95MB/s and 60MB/s respectively.
  5. Equipped with built-in ECC (error correction code) that auto-corrects potential transfer errors, and utilize a sophisticated wear-levelling algorithm for consistent long-life operation.
  6. JetDrive Lite cards are manufactured using a special COB (Chip-on-Board) technique, making them resistant to dust and water.
  7. Features JetDrive Toolbox- useful and free-to-download software that offers the Recovery and Power Save functions.

It’s worth noting that all the Transcend memory cards are fully tested for compatibility and reliability, and carries ‘Limited Lifetime Warranty’.



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