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Transforming Food & Beverages Industry – A Perspective!

In today’s time, automation has become an expanding element, which has almost upgraded the whole industry. From the healthcare to the automotive sector, automation has improvised the whole process. From housewives to businessmen everyone prefers to have smart and automatic facilities. Operational efficiency, supply chain transparency, and enterprise synergy are a few benefits, which can be achieved by automation. Usage of automation can easily increase the revenue of the food and beverages industry. While highlighting the automation in food and beverage, we have talked to a few fraternities from the industry making a significant impact by their automation-front solutions and processes for the F&B industry. Yatin Varachhia, Co-founder, Euphotic Labs Pvt Ltd; Anil Kumar, Director, Inovance Technology India; Dibyananda Brahma, VP – Growth, Mukunda Foods Pvt Ltd; Meenu Singhal, Vice President-Industry Business, Schneider Electric India further elucidates across the topic.

Automation in Food & Beverages Industry 

Food processing is India’s 5th largest industry in terms of production, consumption, and exports. India’s packaging sector is also growing fast, and the food & beverage sector is one of the key drivers of packaging, says Anil. 

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