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TRIPLE-1 Inks Distributorship Contract with Fujitsu Electronics

Fujitsu ElectronicsFujitsu Electronics and TRIPLE-1 have entered into a distributorship contract for a mining ASIC (application specific IC) “KAMIKAZE” that uses the world’s most advanced 7nm process technology.

In the development market for mining ICs, which requires huge computing power and high power efficiency, the introduction of advanced process technology has been attempted positively and just like the development market for ICs for smartphones, which is one of the world’s leading manufacture industries, the driving force for development came from the process miniaturization in the advanced semiconductor industry. As of 2019, there is a mover away from the mainstream 16nm process which had been the oligopoly of traditional Chinese region manufacturers to the state-of-the-art 7nm process. At the moment, there are only a handful of manufacturers that have succeeded in commercializing ASIC (application specific IC)

Through the signing of this distributorship contract, TRIPLE-1 will be able to spread the global development potential of Fujitsu Electronics and the state-of-the-art process development capabilities of TRIPLE-1 all over the world and provide the real value of “Japanese manufacturing” to markets around the world. On top of that, by establishing a long-term and strong partnership, will cooperate not only in mining ASIC (application specific IC), but also in the development and deployment of leading-edge products for various fields and applications.

The Key Features of TRIPLE-1 “KAMIKAZE” includes:

  1. Adopts the world’s most advanced 7nm process technology
    Develops the world’s first “KAMIKAZE”, an ASIC (application specific IC) for bitcoin mining with using world’s Leading-Edge company TSMC (Taiwan) ’s 7nm process technology and evaluates the first tape out (first generation) version, Power Efficiency: 52 J / TH was realized (measured on September 26, 2018).
  2. Reduced energy consumption that contributes to energy resource conservation
    By operating at ultra-low voltage (0.3V or less) and achieving low power consumption, it is possible to contribute to the reduction of the enormous power required for mining and energy resource conservation while maintaining a high performance.
  3. High cooling efficiency from changes in packaging
    In order to achieve higher cooling efficiency, we adopted a structure (exposed die – FCBGA) in which the backside of the silicon chip is exposed on the package to achieve higher cooling efficiency, chip size was encapsulated in 7 mm × 7 mm.


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