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Karnataka Based Data Protection Startup Churning End-to-End Privacy

Akarsh-SinghFounded in January 2021 by Akarsh Singh and Rohit Jain, Tsaaro is India’s premier Data Protection, InfoSec and Penetration Testing services provider. Enabling an efficient data secure environment for businesses by building robust security systems, Tsaaro is widely acknowledged for its Data Protection services including Regulatory Assessment, Vendor Assessment, Privacy Risk Management and Product Assessment.  During an email interaction with Nitisha from BISinfotech; Akarsh Singh, CEO and Co-Founder, Tsaaro elaborates the special offerings and upcoming growth.

Kindly explain Tsaaro and its special offerings.

Tsaaro works relentlessly as a partner and advisor to empower client business leaders to take charge of their Data Privacy & Security. Tsaaro believes in taking a pragmatic, risk-based approach to provide their clients with real-world, workable advice, guidance, and support that helps them to deal with a wide range of security and privacy-related challenges.

How is Tsaaro different from other data protection provider companies?

At Tsaaro, we provide end-to-end privacy services to our clients depending on their needs. Our strategy is tailored made and our solutions are results-based. What does set us apart from the rest is our people who have vast experience not only in data protection & privacy, they also possess a deep understanding of complex technologies and how they function. Besides that, we have professionals with diverse backgrounds & skills that help us provide creative & viable solutions to our clients.

What is your take on the data protection bill?

Data Privacy is a growing concern amidst the increasing number of Data Breach Incidents. The much-awaited personal data protection bill which is scheduled to be tabled in the winter session of the parliament starting today has received a mixed response. I believe that suggestions of industry leaders, privacy professionals, and corporates, need to be taken into consideration while enacting such an important law. Tsaaro also conducted a Survey on PDPB where privacy professionals shared their recommendations about the bill.

According to you, what kind of challenges the industry is facing in terms of data protection?

When it comes to data protection, there have been a lot of challenges coming up due to the advancements in technologies every day. With such advancements, the ways in which the data and such technology could be attacked or breached has also increased. Today, the need for organizations to be ready to face such data privacy and security issues is very necessary for survival.

How was the year 2020-2021 in terms of business? What are your future marketing strategies?

It’s a pleasure to look back and realize that in a span of just a few months, we have partnered with some of the most amazing and path breaking ventures to help them with privacy and data security measures, programs. Our aim is to continue doing the same and further build a community of data privacy professionals from across the globe.

Is there any latest offering you are planning to launch? Explain.

We are currently working towards something massive towards our vision and cannot wait to launch the same for the public to see and make the most out of it. DataCop is our upcoming offering to help reduce the risk of a data breach in India.

Kindly highlight Tsaaro’s training and certifications course and its benefits for the industry leaders.

Tsaaro Academy, a unique privacy certification training platform has awarded certification to over 500 Data Privacy experts through its practical-approach-based training program within six months of inception. An official training partner of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), Tsaaro Academy has been at the forefront of providing exceptional privacy training services through its courses. We, at Tsaaro Academy, have built courses to help industry leaders and practitioners get an insight into the application of the course lessons in real life scenarios.


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